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If you’ve not seen Fred Claus yet, I definitely recommend you head out to watch this great family movie. If you’re not able to do that, these marketing news links are your next best bet. 😉

  • Thanks for the link, Andy!

    Before anyone else points it out to poke fun at us, I should point out that there aren’t 101 links – more like half that.

    It’s ‘Reputation Management 101’ as in ‘introduction’ rather than 101 links. Though it is a little ambiguous… Sorry for being confusing. Blame Duncan!

  • Good to be included in the list with Fed Claus 🙂

    Actually I will probably be taking my wife to see that movie this week, thanks for the tip.

    As for Kango, it is my other passion (besides my wife, who is just amazing)

    We are creating a place to find virtually all the reviews and ratings for almost anything you want to do, it’s not all the way there of course (hence the “almost beta”) and so, if you would like to participate in the private beta, and help us to improve the site (especially if you have strong opinions about, for example, what makes a hotel “romantic” or a beach “family friendly”) we would love to have your help.

    Thanks for the mention Andy!

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