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Sometimes you get more than you ask for. That’s the case when Procter & Gamble asked their fans in the UK to come up with a new jingle for their ads. But a man from Scotland named Nils Elders made an entire commercial. Procter & Gamble liked it so much they will air it on prime time on Christmas Day in the UK.

The 40-second ad 25-year-old Elders $600 and three days to make. It features a bunch of dancing, singing Pringles chips dressed in Santa hats. He named the commercial “Jinglin’ Pringlin.”

Elders is a musician and won $4,000 as the winner of the contest. He said the commercial was inspired by South Park.

Here are some of the lyrics from the commercial: “If you got Pringles share them out/And if Santa Claus is coming to town/Leave the Pringles by the chimney that will do/He’ll be wishing you a Merry Christmas/And a Happy Jinglin’ Pringlin’ too.”

The thing that makes this commercial so refreshing is that it is so authentic. It’s sure to be a word of mouth marketing hit. Watch it here:

  • I will never look at a Pringle like I used too..

  • I for one think it is great, last year a superbowl ad was run the same way from Tostitos and it was the best commercial of the year. I for one enjoy knowing that even in an industry as established as the AD world a creative mind and limited budget still can have a large impact.

  • I agree…I think it will be hugely successful. It’s a great way to bring a fresh, unique form of creativity to their advertising and the fact that it was the result of a contest makes it all that more innovative.

  • Sounds cute and uncomplicated. I would like to see it when it is released. Do post in on marketingpilgrim if you can.

  • Great commercial, exactly what they are supposed to be like.

  • they look very cute and nice too. This is so form od add is so unique,..My son really love pringles, I’m pretty sure others do love it too. This add will encourage consumers to buy their products because of that cute pringles.

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  • It’s a clever enough idea, and it’s making me voraciously hungry for pringles now (the plain ones, at least, and not the hydrogenated variety)