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You’ve conquered the world of online search advertising, but what next? As more and more people rely on their mobile phone for content and information, mobile search advertising is a natural path for growth and YOUR attention. As the leader of mobile search and advertising, Medio will share with you the basics of search advertising on the device that is personal and immediate. We’ll share tips and tricks on how to optimize a campaign for mobile and targeting opportunities that is unique to mobile.

Carrie Coffee, Sales Executive, MEDIO Systems

There are three times as many mobile handsets as PCs. There are twice as many mobile subscribers as Internet users.

75% of mobile Internet users are searching.

Getting started as an advertiser

  • Targeting—on- and off-deck, demographic info.
  • Pricing model—CPM, CPC, CPA
  • Appropriate CTA in mobile (no mobile site needed, but you can’t just take online to mobile)
  • Set realistic expectations with respect to volume, targeting, tracking

Notes for mobile site owners

  • Seek a search solution optimized for mobile Internet
  • Submit your site to mobile indices to drive organic traffic. (Medio provides white label search to Verizon and (I think) AT&T as well as mobile site-specific searches (ABC, NBC). You can submit your site to Medio, for example.)
  • Use other media to drive traffic to your mobile site—product packaging, TV, newspaper, outdoor, etc.

Medio’s search ads operate similarly to traditional search advertising—based around purchasing keywords. Have analytics and data on what mobile users are searching for. CPC bid model (many keywords in the 10-35 cent range). Primarily they do one search ad listing a page. (Medio has case studies on successful campaigns.)

Mobile search behavior—searching for games, ringtones, wall papers, weather, maps/local.

Medio also runs a display ad network on a CPL (cost-per-lead) basis.

  • I don’t think Medio is available on AT&T’s deck, because JumpTap is AT&T’s current mobile search provider. Unless, of course, they recently decided to switch to Medio…