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As I’ve done for many years, I thought it would be fun to look back on the most popular posts of the year.

  1. Exclusive – Yahoo Using Dirty Tactics to Switch Google & Firefox Users? – we questioned Yahoo’s update process including changing the default browser to IE, changing the default homepage to Yahoo and changing the default search engine to Yahoo.
  2. Video: Post-It Notes Waterfall by Eepybird – if you loved the Mentos and Diet Coke experiments, you’ll love the Post-It Note one.
  3. Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0 Sucks! – even though I first griped about IE7 in 2006, we still get lots of Google visitors agreeing with me.
  4. How Much Does Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 Suck? – and still agreeing.
  5. Buzz Monitoring: 26 Free Tools You Must Have – we put together a lits of 26 different ways you can track your reputation and industry buzz.
  6. Ten Ways to Fix a Google Reputation Management Nightmare – if you’re looking for tips to push out that negative Google listing, you should start with this list.
  7. First Look – Google Analytics Launches New Interface and Reporting – we had the first look at Google’s sexy new interface for Google Analytics.
  8. 10 Reasons You Should be Using Thunderbird – we gave you ten great reasons why you should dump Outlook and try Thunderbird instead.
  9. Microsoft adCenter Faces Four Days of Outage? – some adCenter users were locked out of their accounts for five days with no official word from Microsoft.
  10. First Look – Google Print Ads Now Part of AdWords – we were the first to break the news that you could buy your print ads via AdWords.

So, there you have it. Thanks to all of our great writers who contributed throughout 2007 and thanks to YOU, for taking the time to add us to your list of daily reads.

I hope you have a Happy New Year!


  • I had forgotten about the post-it note video. The list of posts doesn’t really do the site justice IMO. There have been so many great posts here over the past year but I guess that’s the nature of a list right? You have to have a cut off line somewhere.

  • Congratulations Andy to you as well as the other writers for adding value to the Web with your posts.

    Keep up the good work,

    Alan Johnson

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  • Andy I agree with Ben. The list doesn’t do the site justice. There are so many more good posts that could have been included. Maybe next year you’ll make the list longer.

  • Thanks guys. I could try and compile a list of the “best” posts, but we had over a thousand, so wouldn’t know where to start. I agree, the list of most popular is missing some gems. Can you believe that the #11 most popular is the one I did on tracking Santa Claus on Google Maps?!? 😉

  • Andy, do you keep track of the posts that get the most comments? I think that would be an interesting list to see.

    Also, what would you say your favorite post of the year was? (You can limit it to the ones you wrote if you want so you don’t risk offending anyone 😉 )

  • @Ben – no, we don’t track, but maybe we should. I would imagine the IE7 and the Apple-related posts would make the list of most commented.

    Not sure of my favorite. I love them all! 😉

  • Happy New Year Andy. Hope 2008 brings you a hell of a lot of success. Your blog is a pleasure to read. Look forward to great posts this year.

  • happy years

  • Ho ho, agree that Thunderbird is the best! Happy new year