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Dear Everyone Who Shopped Online Last Monday,

Thank you. Thank you for hearing my plea. Thank you for vindicating me.

Thank you for making Monday, December 10, the biggest shopping day on record (y’know, so far). With spending of $881 million, it far outclasses this year’s “Cyber Monday” ($733M) and the record-breaking-random-Thursday boom ($803M), with an almost $80 million edge. That’s not to mention a 33% increase over the same Monday last year, which only saw $661 million.

I’ve mentioned before (and even last year) that the biggest online shopping day has long been the second Monday in December. But finally this year, it was so big that it has been declared it the newest shopping holiday: “Green Monday.”

But, um, why? Is this like the whole “Greenland” thing? Because there was plenty enough snow on the ground. And frankly, calling something “green” as an allusion to money when probably 99.9% of the payments made were with credit cards or online checks just doesn’t make sense.

How about this: we call the Monday after Thanksgiving, “the Monday after Thanksgiving,” and the second Monday in December, “the second Monday in December.” Or “the biggest online shopping day of the year.” Because I really hate the names “Cyber Monday” and “Green Monday.” I could live with Black Monday, maybe, but only if we used it for the right Monday.


  • I named it ‘Red Monday‘ after the 17% of Brits who are still paying for last Christmas, but yes, I can agree with your aversion to silly names.

    I’d add Bloody Sunday to the list of keepers though.

  • Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Green (or as mr. Manley say red) Monday, its getting a bit much to keep up with!

  • Do you really want to call it green Monday. Green now relates to everything ecofriendly and sustainable and I dare say this is not what drove $881 million of spending. We need a new color. Perhaps we ought to ask our friends at for some advice. They can work us up a new palette.

  • Zen

    …So it would be a PANTONE problem. 😛

  • I’m going to title today “Last chance Wednesday” for myself and other procrastinating online shoppers making last-minute orders.

  • GPS

    Apparantly my head has been in the sand for over a year…….I had no idea until reading this week’s post on the topic.

  • Great post. Hmm, maybe we will call it Green Week or Month as it seems like the whole month of December after Thanksgiving seems to have shoppers.

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  • I had never heard of Green Monday until this past weekend and I think it’s a great idea!

    I am offering 25% off rates from today(Dec. 2nd.) until Green Monday, December 15th.

    Phyllis Hall
    Owner of Hillcrest Guest House
    St. John, US Virgin Islands

  • I really enjoyed reading your post. Great sense of humor! And, I totally agree with you: Why green?

    While I have nothing against it, where do you draw the line? Won’t we have (in the end) twenty thousand different names for Mondays, Tuesdays etc?

    Weird thought…

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  • For my business it was effective.

  • one of my friend asked me to go through your entry Green Monday.Nice Post.You are so Cheerful…in this Scenario of Economic Slowdown. That helps us all to do something Positive. Thanks

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