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Track Santa Claus Live!

As Janet first reported back at the beginning of December, kids of all ages can track Santa thanks to NORAD and Google.

At the “NORAD Tracks Santa” site, you can view Santa’s progress on Google Maps, and YouTube has videos from inside Santa’s sleigh!

NORAD is updating its Santa tracking every 5 minutes and it’s not too late to send Father Christmas an email.

  • Matthew

    Thanks for pointing out the Google connection, which I forget to address in my post about the NORAD tracker itself, part of which reads as: […]With that out of the way, don’t forget to leverage the power of NORAD by visiting the page “NORAD Tracks Santa,” or simply stay afoot of Santa’s travels through the news with the Daylife search “Santa Claus” (with the quotes).

    Not interested in tracking Santa? Check out our Hannukah gallery, our Diwali gallery, our Eid al-Fitr gallery, or the universally fun laughter gallery.

    The rest of our hand-picked gallery pages live here. Happy holidays, etc![…]

  • http://norad olivia

    thank u for doing the website i track him all year its cracking

  • miley cyrus

    OMG i track him evrey year with my little sister noah