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It appears that Google’s jilted lover, Viacom, is not content with simply suing the search engine and jumping into bed with rival Yahoo. Nope, Viacom has decided that Yahoo is not enough to satisfy all of its needs–“he just doesn’t get me”–so has decided to also hook-up with Microsoft.

OK, enough of the lame analogy. What you need to know is that Microsoft and Viacom just signed a $500 million advertising deal. According to Reuters

Microsoft will help Viacom place advertising on Viacom’s U.S. Web sites and be the exclusive seller of its remnant display advertising, or ad space Viacom has been unable to sell. As part of the deal, Microsoft will also license on a non-exclusive basis long and short-form television and movies from Viacom for the MSN portal and the Xbox 360 game system’s online network.

Microsoft has also agreed to buy ads on Viacom’s broadcast and online networks over five years and help Viacom establish itself as a publishing partner on Microsoft’s casual Internet gaming sites.

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