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On a day where notable bloggers are talking about "webifying" their living room with the use of Mac Minis, along comes TiVo to help the millions of consumers that already own its digital video recorder.

According to Crave

The digital video recorder manufacturer has partnered with two photo-sharing services–the Google-owned Picasa Web Albums and Fox Interactive Media-owned Photobucket–in order to enable users to surf through their photo albums as well as their friends’ and family members’, provided that their TiVo boxes are broadband-connected.

A release from the company emphasized the fact that photos are viewable in the highest resolution possible, which on the TiVo Series 3 and TiVo HD devices means full high definition.

Not only can TiVo users view their own photos, but they can also search through all publicly available photographs.

The new service offering adds to the recently announced deal with RealNetworks’s Rhapsody music streaming service.

  • Great post, Andy. We’ve got a Mac Mini hooked up to our TV and watch most of our “TV” through downloaded episodes now. I’ve recently started using our TiVo box for podcasts while I’m working in the den and it’s a nice augment to the iPod.

    When we have family over, we use a quick app to display our Flickr stream on the TV through TiVo. The grandparents love it.

    Here’s a link to that:


  • @Sam – I bet the grandparents think it’s magic! 😉