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Yet another Yahoo executive departs the twelve-year-old company. Steve Souders, Chief Performance Officer at Yahoo, will start at Google next Monday, according to his personal website.

Before you all assume that Souders was in charge of Yahoo’s Mime Troupe, let us clarify that the Chief of Performance was in charge of website performance. Souders is author of the High Performance Web Sites. At Yahoo, he worked on the YSlow Firefox (Firebug) extension, as well as the official Developer Network and the User Interface blogs.

Souders has worked at Yahoo since 2000. You may have seen him speaking at April’s Web 2.0 Expo or October’s Widget Summit or Future of Web Apps.

Yahoo executives have been leaving the company with such frequency this year that it’s hardly news. Some say that it’s yet another sign that Yahoo, once the sweetheart of the Internet, is on the fast track to oblivion. I wouldn’t go that far yet, but losing yet another executive to Google has still got to smart.


  • Please remember to turn of the lights…

  • Google, after all, is the best place to work on earth, that’s according to Fortune Magazine.

  • Where was the non compete form? That just doesn’t make any sense that he could go from Yahoo to G like that.

  • Indeed, switching from one company to a competitor just doesn’t seem right, even though, from a legal perspective, I assume that there were no restrictions (I’m sure that the last thing G needs is a legal battle so that my guess is that they wouldn’t have gone through with everything if they weren’t sure that there were no such terms in the contract).

    Alan Johnson

  • Well one more little triumph for Google there. There seems to be no serious contender for the number one spot other than google!

  • Even though a lot of people question a lot of their policies, I doubt we’ll see anyone taking G’s place as the most important player in the near future.

    Alan Johnson

  • rats run from the ship 🙂

  • Ho ho, Google is going to be the king of search engine!

  • Well it is stuff like this that no doubt confirmed that yahoo were not going to match google

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