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Now here’s a strange partnership. CBS Interactive has announced a partnership with social bookmarking site Digg for online coverage of the 2008 election. Through the deal, Digg buttons will be added to CBS stories and Digg’s election related headlines will be displayed on

"This is part of our strategic plan to open to diverse news, analysis and voices from across the Web," Michael Sims,’s vice president of editorial content, said in a statement from the company. "We are simultaneously exposing our content to the greater Digg community to help encourage more discovery and sharing."

Why is this strange?

Well, according to this unofficial study, 70% of Digg users are under the age of 14 and cannot legally vote!

Out of a sample of 7,298 Digg users, an overwhelming 69.94% are under the age of 14 years old.

Yes, it appears that CBS is willing to let kids influence who becomes the next President of the United States of America! Expect to see a close race between Steve Jobs and Nintendo Wii! 😉

  • Ben

    I’m sad to say, but out of that 70% of Digg users, many more then half are more qualified to vote then most of our 18-24 year olds. I only say that because I am 15, and I could name 10 people that are out of high school that are registered to vote and know next to nothing about any of the candidates other then their political partys.

  • @Ben – you could be right. I remember being interested in elections even when I couldn’t vote. Actually, this will be my first US election that I am allowed to vote in.

  • I actually agree that children can be more qualified to vote than adults in some cases. My son for example has some political opinions I find impressive for his age and he will definitely be taking his job serious when he will be able to vote.

    Alan Johnson

  • Ben

    Congratulations! I hope your voting goes well, I live in a small town so they don’t make much of a fuss when dad pulls me in the voting booth, I can remember doing that since I was 5.

    Alan, I know many young people that are able to produce sound political opinions, I think its great!

  • I couldn’t agree more and always encourage my son to express his opinions and make sure that he will be making an informed decision once he will be able to vote.

    Alan Johnson