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Facebook Gains but MySpace Still Gets the Most Traffic

Hitwise has some new numbers about social networking sites. Though down, MySpace is still gets the most traffic with 76% of visits in 2007. It’s actually down. Number two, Facebook is up 51%. They monitored 53 different social networking sites to get the data.

What’s surprising it how far behind Facebook is – with just 12.57 percent of visits. People are returning to the sites. In December 2007, 95% percent of traffic to the site are return visits, not first timers. Facebook also has loyal users because 93% of traffic was also returning visitors.

Another measure of stickiness is how much time people spend on the site. In December 2007, the average time spent on Bebo averaged a full 30 minutes and 24 seconds. That is a long, long time online.

Also note: while this is just for the US, Facebook is growing even quicker in the UK. Facebook has been growing and has increased its market share 10-fold over the past year.


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