Posted January 14, 2008 10:16 am by with 5 comments

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imageWe have an update to the story we brought you back in November involving a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Northeastern University and technology company Jarg.

You’ll never guess Google’s response! Yep, they’re denying any infringement and asking the court to dismiss the claim. Shocking, we know.

According to Macworld

In its response Friday, Google argued that the patent is invalid and should not have been awarded in the first place. It cites various sections of US patent law, including those that deal with the novelty of an invention and prior art. It also cites the doctrine of "laches," which essentially requires plaintiffs to file lawsuits in a timely manner.

Its counterclaim asks the court to declare the patent invalid and unenforceable.

If you think this will be resolved quickly, don’t hold your breath. The case could take up to 2 years to resolve!