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PC World has a list of the 25 most innovative products of 2007. While most of them are actual gadgets—the iPhone, the Kindle, and various other pieces of hardware—many of them are web apps. Among the most interesting picks:

1. Google Gears—heralded as a step toward the browser as a desktop

9. Facebook API—duh.

17. Zoho Notebook—compiles all kinds of information and enables you to share it

18. Radiohead’s In Rainbows—check out our our coverage of In Rainbows if you missed this ongoing story

20.—brings all your personal finance information together, from bank accounts to credit cards

21. Microsoft Popfly—hailed as better than Yahoo Pipes, Popfly is the best masherupper around.

23.—commended for Ask3D and AskEraser

The PC World story has met mixed reviews. At this writing, the “Recommend this story?” vote was almost exactly 50/50. What do you think? What did they miss?


  • It’s amazing to think that we have reached the point where Web Apps are now making the list for the top 25 most innovative products of 2007. Seven out of 25 is not too shabby! I think we could see this number double in 2008.

  • avagee

    The most impactful innovation I came across last year was they give away books packaged up to be read on ‘regular’ dumb cell phones. In spite of the small screen I quickly ‘got that reading feeling’ and found that simply adding books to the phone I carry everywhere anyway was a real boon. You can install direct to the phone from their mobile website or via a PC.

  • Indeed, US real estate is going downhill yet Internet real estate is skyrocketing and now we have quite a few Web Apps in the top 25 most innovative products list. And yes, as far as the future is concerned, the Web will most likely be reaching new heights.

    Alan Johnson

  • Well the web is a virtual world isn’t it. It should be a given then that software could be classed as an inovative product. Surely they could make another category called “25 most innovative web apps of 2007”.

  • There are a lot of “top websites”/”top plugins” or “top web apps” categories floating around the Web but as far as I am concerned, I agree with including web apps in the list mentioned in this post since, let’s face it, virtual or not, a product is a product.

    Alan Johnson

  • is a great service, I have been using it for a while and its nice to see all your accounts in one location.

  • Zoho looks like interesting.

  • I guess the issue will be arriving in my mailbox pretty soon. I’ve seen some of the innovations that made the list and think it’s cool that Ask3D makes it into the top 25.