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By Brian Chappell

The twitter train is pulling up, are you on board yet? Twitter is one of the most revolutionary messaging systems to come out in my opinion since AOL Instant Messenger back in 1997. It allows groups of users to simultaneously engage in conversations all at the same time, similar to being in a “chat room” in AOL. As a marketer this can be a golden tool if utilized properly for personal reputation management reasons.

Many underground conversations go on within Twitter that never make it to the blogosphere or news sites. It can be a dynamite location for link bait ideas, breaking stories, and general topics you might not think about on a daily basis. You might even find yourself obtaining clientรจle through it. I really could go on and on with what you could do with Twitter.

TwitterNow with that said, it is worth pointing out that one of the more frustrating things with Twitter is that there isn’t much organization within the social profiles themselves. Aside from the visible friends list, it is hard to capture who is within your industry, and who might be twittering about relevant things that you want to follow.

I have attempted to put together a comprehensive list of Internet Marketers. The people on it range in skill sets from Social Media Experts, Search Optimization Experts, Search Marketing Experts, and other general Internet Marketing Gurus. I have already done some dwindling of this list whereas to remove people who simply twit too much, and do not add much to the conversation.

For starters, several of the Pilgrim crew are already on twitter. I personally will follow you back if you follow me, and I know a lot of other Twitter Marketers will do the same.

If you do not see yourself on the list feel free to comment below and we will add you to the list. The only stipulation to being added is that you are an Internet Marketer of some sort.

UPDATE 2: We’ve compiled all the Twitter feeds left in the comments:

UPDATE: Seocracy has taken our list and created a tool to help you quickly add all Twitter feeds–those above, and those in the comments–to your list of those you follow. The tool appears to be broken.

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