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Internet Marketing NinjasHow would you like to be a ninja? No, not the black-masked, star-throwing kind, but the internet marketing kind!

Jim Boykin is already a legend when it comes to training internet marketing ninjas and now he’s compiled a series of marketing videos that are virtually guaranteed to make you an internet marketing expert in one weekend! Internet Marketing Ninjas offers over 15 hours of expert marketing training and advice from experts such as:

  • Andy Beal (that would be me)
  • Aaron Wall
  • Bill Slawski
  • Cameron Olthuis
  • Christine Churchill
  • Chuck Price
  • Jeremy Schoemaker
  • Jim Boykin
  • Jim Gilbert
  • Jill Whalen
  • Lee Odden
  • Neil Patel
  • Todd Malicoat

I mean, seriously, have you ever seen such a list? Internet Marketing Ninjas is the only resource I’ve seen that offers such a great list of experts–all willing to share their top tips on video. My videos include advice on keyword research including buying cycles, keyword density, and competitive analysis. You can see a preview video here.

As if the expert videos aren’t enough, Jim’s sharing an exclusive private list of SEO tools including:

SEO Analysis Tools:

  1. The Mac Daddy SEO Analysis *Never Before Released!
  2. Google Top Ten Analysis *No Longer Public
  3. Top 10 Competitors Report *No Longer Public
  4. Top 100 Sites, Backlinks, and Age *No Longer Public

On Page Optimization Tools:

  1. Internal Link Title Tag Error Check Report *No Longer Public
  2. External Link Title Tag Report *No Longer Public
  3. Internal / External Link Title Tags *No Longer Public
  4. Mass Title Tag and Meta Description Editor *Never Before Released!
  5. Forward Link Check with Reciprocal Analysis – *No Longer Public
  6. Cool Cache and Bulk Cache Checker – *No Longer Public
  7. Header Checker – *Never Before Released!
  8. Search Engine Spider Viewer
  9. Keyword Density Report

Backlink Tools

  1. Quick Backlink Checker *No Longer Public
  2. Backlink Anchor Text Analysis *No Longer Public
  3. Strongest Pages Tool *No Longer Public/Improved
  4. Deep Link Ratio *No Longer Public
  5. Search Combination Google Yahoo MSN *Upgraded!
  6. C Class & Backlink Text Analysis *No Longer Public/Improved
  7. You and Your Competitors Common Backlinks *No Longer Public
  8. Your Neighborhood Authority Finder *Never Before Released!
  9. Common Co-Citation *Never Before Released!
  10. Jim’s Link Value Tool *Never Before Released!

It was an absolute honor to be part of Internet Marketing Ninjas. Don’t tell Jim, but I would have agreed to do the videos without any kind of payment. As it turns out, I’ll earn a small percentage of anyone that uses my membership sign-up URL, so if you like the idea of becoming a bone fide Internet Marketing Ninja, please use my link. Mucho gracias!

  • That is a hell of a lineup. I am tempted to check this out.

  • I heard about this at PubCon before it launched. This line up is awesome. I would love to get these videos but it is going to hurt my bank account that is for sure!

  • I am always skeptical of training videos but I will admit that with the amount of expertise offered on this particular video, this may be one training video that actually lives up to its claims. I think I might just have to check it out for myself!

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  • Guess my only complaint is the lack of consistency between speakers. Some are doing presentations and some are just talking about life on a couch.

  • Pricey.. But the lineup looks quality. I would like to see a review from someone who has taken the plunge!

  • Zen

    Do the videos include ninja star target practice on a board with Ma*t Cut*s’ face on it? 😛

  • Strong lineup, gotta check it out soon!

  • @Jaan – have you purchased the full videos? I know that for my videos, most of it was structured but we also sat down and chatted afterwards. It could be that the previews videos for some “ninjas” are showing just the chat. Not sure though.

  • Andy have not purchased them. I was commenting from the previews on the website. Maybe all “ninjas” do a presentation and then chat afterwards?

  • @Jaan – that was my understanding, but I would definitely email them and ask. If you don’t hear from them, let me know and I’ll watch all 15 hours for you! 😉

  • Thanks Andy! Not sure if I will be purchasing yet.

  • Andy the lineup, including yourself is impressive, but the videos are a little out of my price range. Your preview was good, but again just too much money for me to justify the purchase.

  • Hi Andy,

    Thanks for your awesome post, this training will really help me to improve my business. Please keep updating your blog with new things…..

  • Interesting, but there are a lot of usefull tools which are not included in this list.

  • Helluva line up there and looks to be worth a look. My advice is that whatever you go with, you go with that ONE thing, system, course whatever. Do.n’t fall into the trap of endlessly following the next “guru” or “big release.” Many of them are good but criss-crossing all over the shop results in no motion.