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By Brian Chappell

landingpagehandbook.gifAndy posted an article several weeks back about the release of the new 2008 edition of The Landing Page Handbook (affiliate), by If you are not familiar with MarketingSherpa by now and you call yourself a marketer then you probably do not read enough online. They have been pumping out marketing case studies, guides, and industry research for over 7 years.

MarketingSherpa’s research is second to none.

I was absolutely blown away with the quality of content MarketingSherpa put out in their 2nd edition of the Landing Page Handbook. The book was easy to read and wasn’t as cumbersome as one might think, being a “how to” guide of its nature. They did an excellent job of sprinkling in real case study examples in between long drawn out paragraphs and metric reports to give you a nice breather. Not only is it a nice breather but it really does a good job of reassuring the techniques being explained in the book do work.

The book goes into great detail covering many, if not all, of the important marketing realms/businesses online and even points out the key differences to look out for. Here is a small list of some of the topics found in the book:- Business to Business Landing Pages

– Webinar Landing Pages

– Email Subscription Sign-ups

– Email Marketing Campaign Pages

– White Paper Landing Pages

– Radio Campaigns

– Mobile Marketing Landing Pages

– Blogs, Podcasts and Video Conversion Tactics

This book really does cover it all. I was a bit hesitant going in that it might be a bit overwhelming, but I was wrong. I came away with a new outlook in web design. It gave me a great holistic view and sense on how to structure any sort of page in an optimal way.

Now the real question; is the book worth 500 bucks?

I would recommend this book pretty much to any level or type of Internet marketer. Even if you do not have an active role in landing page design, it is still critical information to have in your skill set. The 500 dollars you spend on this book will easily be recovered with any of the literally 100’s of tips and best practices conveyed in the book.

Here are a few examples of things you will learn in the Handbook:

– What is the optimal size of text for readability

– Avg. % of users who actually scroll down the page

– What elements on the page affect conversions the most

– How many conversions should be encountered in a test before it is “accurate enough”

One of the greatest things about conversions is that the smallest tweaks can literally mean the difference in hundreds to thousands of dollars. Marketing Sherpa did a phenomenal job of conveying best practice techniques that will really supercharge your conversion rates. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned landing page testing veteran, there is something for you in the 2008 Handbook, Marketing Sherpa even guarantees it!

About Brian Chappell

Brian is a Search Marketer who specializes in Link building and Web Site monetization. His article is completely unbiased. Affiliate links were added after the fact by Marketing Pilgrim.

  • I am sure it is a great book to read, they always have great case studies for improving conversion rate. For small businesses, this may be expensive to them.

  • This sounds like a really great resource, now to figure out if I can afford it. 🙂

  • You had me sold until the price came out in the open. I’m familiar with and their great work but not sure I can stomach the $500 cost…it’s probably well worth it though.

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  • I just wrote a post on how I utilize Google Analytics to optimize my landing page keywords. I really don’t know if this is any big secret as I am sure lots of other people optimize their landing pages in this way, but it works for me and maybe someone else would be interested too.