Pilgrim’s Picks for January 9th

It’s hard to come up with a cute introduction for every Pilgrim’s Picks, so I’ll just let you go ahead and insert your own dry-humor here:………..

  • Did you know that Google processes 20 petabytes of data each day? Niall Kennedy does!
  • Dear Steve Rubel, some of us "tech bloggers" have built a model around catering to the "Lazysphere." If we all had original thoughts, then there’d be no one to actually read the blogs, would there? :-)
  • Matt McGee has a brilliant SEO mind–and he’s put it to good use with his SEO Success Pyramid. Bottom line, SEO is more than just about getting to #1 on Google.

CBS News Wants Under 14s to Decide Presidential Elections?

Now here’s a strange partnership. CBS Interactive has announced a partnership with social bookmarking site Digg for online coverage of the 2008 election. Through the deal, Digg buttons will be added to CBS stories and Digg’s election related headlines will be displayed on CBSNews.com.

"This is part of our strategic plan to open CBSNews.com to diverse news, analysis and voices from across the Web," Michael Sims, CBSNews.com’s vice president of editorial content, said in a statement from the company. "We are simultaneously exposing our content to the greater Digg community to help encourage more discovery and sharing."

Why is this strange?

Well, according to this unofficial study, 70% of Digg users are under the age of 14 and cannot legally vote!

Linky Goodness, January 8

I know, it’s the eighth of January, and it’s the first time you’ve gotten fresh, Linky Goodness! I know you must all feel so much better now that we’re back.

Yahoo: Gettin’ Facebook-y

We’ve been following Yahoo’s push to “socialize” their large webmail userbase. In November, it was called “Inbox 2.0.” At CES this week, Jerry Yang referred to “Yahoo Life.” But in reality, according to a Yahoo spokesperson speaking to TechCrunch, the project has no name.

Screenshot of new Yahoo Mail social via ZDNetName or no, the project is designed to have a deep impact on the way people interact with their email—and one another. The new interface will continue to integrate email and IM, as well as offering other capabilities. For a sampling of the technology, check out this example from ZDNet (via TC; photo also from ZDNet):

As Real Estate Cools, Realtors Manage their Online Reputations

InmanTV has an interesting video interview with Damon Pace, the CEO of Incredible Agent. About two minutes into the segment, Pace discuss the importance of real estate agents keeping track of their online reputation–especially using Google Alerts.

With the housing market struggling in many parts of the US, home sellers are going to be more discerning about who they select to sell their home. As Pace suggests, they’re going beyond simply asking their friends “which Realtor do you recommend” and are instead turning to social networks and other social media.So, what can a Realtor do to ensure the web presents a positive reflection of their reputation?

Here are some quick thoughts:

  1. Make sure you’re managing your Google reputation. Relying on the single page profile you get from your brokerage web site, is not enough.

Pilgrim’s Picks for January 8

Alright, time to take back what’s rightfully mine! The Pilgrim is back making the picks. ;-)

Jordan did a fine job rounding-up the stray news stories from last week, but I know she missed her “Linky Goodness” and so, I’m back in the saddle. Here’s what I’ve got for ya today:

Google & Panasonic Bring the Web to Your TV

At some point you will have to concede that the YouTube video of a hippo singing will be better than anything that’s on the 200 gazillion cable or satellite TV channels. And, when you come to that realization, Google and Panasonic will be there to fill the void.

Matsushita’s Panasonic and Google have announced a deal that will see the launch of internet enabled TVs this spring.

The TVs…will allow users to directly browse and access videos from YouTube, a video-sharing Web site owned by Google, and view Picasa Web Albums, a free online photo-sharing service from Google, Panasonic said in a statement on Monday.

OK, but just because you can watch blurry YouTube videos on a 60″ plasma–yikes, think of the pixelation at that resolution–does that mean that you will?