Pilgrim’s Picks for January 11 – Readers’ Submissions

If the opportunity to win a Nokia Internet Tablet is not enough of a reason to follow my updates on Twitter, here’s another one. Every now and then I ask for submissions for Pilgrim’s Picks. Yep, Twitter followers are getting their best articles featured right here! So what are you waiting for, follow me on Twitter already! ;-)

  • http://bloggingexperiment.com Ben Cook

    Just wanted to drop a note that Digg has apparently fixed the problem. One more example of why you should be extremely careful what you put online, even if you THINK it’s private.

  • http://www.u-g-h.com Owen Cutajar

    Thanks for the mention Andy. So this is what fame is all about huh?

  • http://www.marketingpilgrim.com Andy Beal

    @Owen – overrated isn’t it. ;-)

  • http://www.theratingblog.com Alan Johnson

    It’s always a pleasure to see bloggers giving back, definitely an approach which deserves to be appreciated.

    Alan Johnson

  • http://www.prepaidearth.com Stephen O”Sullivan

    Andy I would like to send you an article from Prepaid Earth which you can consider using and publishing. Please can you send me your email address so that I can email you the Press Release.

  • http://www.goodnightmoonfuton.com Futon-Matt

    Nice list thanks for the post and giving a little back