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It’s all quiet on the western front as it appears news has slowed in anticipation of Google and Yahoo’s earning announcements this week.

We’ll bring you those numbers as soon as we have them. In the meantime, I thought these were quite interesting:

  • Matt Cutts is pretty much doing for Google, what Robert Scoble did for Microsoft. If he’s not speaking at a conference, he’s providing ad hoc PR and customer service. Today, he shares 11 tips for getting the most out of Gmail.
  • Which search marketers do you want to challenge search engine execs in a game of search trivia? You can cast your vote over at SEOmoz. I’m flattered that my name is on the list–getting votes even–but if I’m going I want either Aaron Wall, Dave Naylor, Michael Gray, or Todd Friesen with me–I’ll take the useless news trivia questions, those guys can handle the hard-core technical stuff. 😉
  • Former CEO of E*Trade, Christos Cotsakos, has launched a new social network named MOLI. Am I the only one that instantly thinks of Austin Powers?…"MOLI, MOLI, MOLI"
  • I know we’ve all seen lists of social networks, but bookmark this 50 social networks every business needs a profile on–it might come in handy someday.