Pilgrim’s Picks, January 2

Is it just me, or did the memo that we’re supposed to be back at work not get around? Oh well—you can still catch up on the best of today’s Internet/marketing news.

Now get back to getting newsworthy!

  • http://www.theratingblog.com Alan Johnson

    Even though I’ve made the Digg frontpage in December (actually, I’ve managed to make the frontpage with my second blog post, and the first was an introduction :) ), I have to say that StumbleUpon works a lot better for me.

    A lot of people (including top diggers) are saying that Digg is definitely not what it used to be and I tend to agree. As far as I am concerned, I see SU taking over as the top player in 2008.

    Alan Johnson

  • http://www.goodnightmoonfuton.com Futon-Matt

    I second what Alan said about digg’s effectiveness. Personally I don’t see much traffic from digg when I submit articles or webpages.

  • http://EdwardKhoo.com Edward

    These two social network are different, Digg can get you an enormous amount of fast traffic, while SU can get you a constant traffic for at least a week