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Polar Rose is not content to have its face recognition technology confined to a Firefox plugin. The company has announced its plans to make its service more publicly available, according to Reuters.

If you’re not familiar with Polar Rose, here’s the 411:

Polar Rose’s technology scans the image itself and converts the data from two-dimensional (2D) images into 3D models. These skeletal models can be rendered into so-called "faceprints", which are then stored and indexed…The firm says its technology can pick out faces in the swelling crowd of images on the Internet, thereby making digital photos indexable just like text documents.

Now the race is on between Polar Rose and Google–who acquired similar technology when it bought Neven Vision back in August of 2006–to see who can keep up with Joan Rivers plastic surgery. 😉

  • This is the first I’ve heard of Polar Rose. I just visited the website – the concept seems really cool but It looks like most of the pictures people would be able to help out with are already well known.

    Seems like it might be fun to mess around with every once in awhile. If Google is racing these guys I’ve got my money on Google. It would be nice to see these guys win though.

    At least we know the government will be able to find and locate us in public places within a few years! I think…

  • That sounds like a great technology advancement. I will have to keep my eye out for Polar Rose in the future.

  • Gosh this sounds like an amazing new technology! A face print! But i am reasonable sure that in time that will be misused as well,… sigh!

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