Posted January 23, 2008 10:07 am by with 3 comments

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Digg fans have always had the option of creating their own version of the site, thanks to Pligg. Now Reddit fans are going to get the opportunity to create their own personal version of the popular social voting site.

According to the Reddit blog, the company is in closed beta testing this week as it figures out how exactly to let users create their own version of Reddit.

You will be able to make three kinds of reddits: public, restricted, and private. A public reddit is just like the current reddits: anyone can view and submit to them. A restricted reddit allows anyone to view the content, but only invited members may submit, comment, or vote. A private reddit is like a restricted reddit, but with the additional restriction that only members can view the content as well. Moderators of a reddit will be able to remove posts and ban users from their reddits.

It sounds like a public beta will be with us within a week or two, but if you really must get your hands on one now, you can email and request an invite.

Has anyone seen this out in the wild? Let me know when you spot a custom Reddit site, I’d be interested to see if it’s something we could introduce to Marketing Pilgrims. 😉

Hat-tip MG Siegler.