Posted January 30, 2008 10:30 am by with 4 comments

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One of the things that I happen to find the most annoying about Facebook–externally developed junk such as "Zombie biting" and "Sheep Throwing"–will soon grace the pages of MySpace accounts.

Just as we reported back in October, News Corp’s MySpace will launch its own external developer platform, in an effort to keep a step ahead of Facebook.

As part of the February 5 launch, it has also promoted MySpace business development executive Amit Kapur to a new role as chief operating officer…Developers can register for more information at beginning on Wednesday.

No other details are available other than it will be open to developers in 28 countries.

  • Strangely, I think some Facebook style apps would make MySpace LESS annoying.

  • MySpace pages are already chuck-full of images, videos, and songs the last thing they need is widgets. Facebook has been able to integrate them in a more tactful style. Myspace needs to offer a “MySpace University” and teach it’s users about usability and download times.

  • Facebook is filled with inane stuff like poking and throwing and gifting and what not. And myspace has its share of confused junk on its site. I wonder what these sites are coming to.

  • I work with the MySpace Platform team and wanted
    to pick up a few of the thoughts here.

    Actually, one of the biggest priorities of the platform is to ensure that users don’t receive unwanted messages generated by apps. I don’t believe we will see the same level of spam generated by MySpace apps that we have seen elsewhere and you are indicating in your piece.

    @Utah SEO – it’s a very subjective thing. You may not like the ‘chuck-load of images, videos and songs’ but actually it’s a big draw for the majority of MySpace’s users who see that as part of their freedom of self-expression on their profile pages. I think it’s very important to remember that not everyone is like us, and many see value in areas we in the industry are often too quick to overlook.

    If someone wants to fill their profile page with loads of images, videos, put pink text on a green background and include loads of apps that interest and delight them, then who are any of us to stop them? Don’t forget these are often people who don’t have the skills and abilities like us to design and build professional websites. For them their profile is their little part of the web, and they may have very different aesthetic values about it than us.

    It’s also possible to keep your MySpace profile very minimalistic, and that will include Apps. When we announce on the 5th the details of how apps are implemented, you’ll find that they don’t always have to appear on your profile in order to use them. More to follow!