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I’ve probably used that headline before, oh well, I’m sure CNET has profiled Google’s millionaires before, so we’ll just call it quits.

If you’re even remotely curious as to what being a Google millionaire feels like, then Stefanie Olsen is quite happy to remind you of just how miserable your life is in comparison.

…Google employees held 11,662,917 outstanding stock options as of September 30, 2007. At the current stock price, those shares would carry a potential value of about $4.48 billion for employees…By some estimates, nearly a third of the first 500 Googlers have departed, and many more of the estimated 2,200 pre-IPO employees are planning an exit as their stock vests…Some ex-Googlers are chasing summer around the world, raising families, or just sleeping late.

Of course, many ex-Googlers are doing some great things, and CNET profiles a few of them in its article.

  • Dean

    “…CNET interviewed several former Googlers, ranging from the masseuse who struck it big…”

    I can hear the conversation now…
    Year: 2000
    Dad: “Massage school????? How will you support yourself???? Don’t expect me and your mother to pay your bills”

    Year: 2007
    Dad: “Hey do you think me and your mother could use you Italian villa this summer for a week?”

  • @Dean – LMAO!

  • It really makes you wonder how many of those early Googlers sensed that the company was going to be big, and how many decided to stick it out on pure luck. Or trying to imagine the thoughts of the people that may have left Google early during the struggles of a start up company.

  • Yeah I’m curious to hear what it feels like to be a Google employee that missed out on the millions. I know some poor guy or gal slaved away for years and quit just before the IPO…probably someone that’s had a life of bad decisions.

    To answer you question Andy – I do!

  • Quite a few lucky campers have most likely made it big and achieved far more than they had ever imagined thanks to G. I can just imagine the smile on their faces when they surf the Web and come across G-bashing articles 🙂

    Alan Johnson

  • brian horst

    i paid for and never recieved my information. yeah it was only a dollar, but i guess i got RIPPED OFF!