Posted January 22, 2008 10:20 am by with 20 comments

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I know that Pownce doesn’t care much for the comparisons to Twitter, but now that it’s come out of beta–and opened-up to all–the comparisons will surely follow.

I joined Pownce (my profile) back when it launched, but haven’t touched it since, mostly because it wasn’t as well used as Twitter–understandable considering you had to have an invite in order to use it.

So, will you switch to Pownce, stick with Twitter, or use both/neither?

Here’s a peek at it:

  • Looks like you have the right background for it, black .. just like treacle .. because that’s what it feels like at the moment.

    Looks like they’ve underestimated the resources they need to come out of their closed beta!

  • @Owen – yeah, I managed to add two new friends–took 5 minutes–then I just left it alone. Back to closed beta! 😉

  • Hey, that is me!

  • @Barry – no that’s Cartoon Barry – do you know him? 😉

  • Oh, like “Fake Steve Jobs,” no, don’t know him…

  • I joined Pownce back when it launched, but like you haven’t really done anything with it.

    I’m still struggling to find the problem it solves. I know it does private file sharing, which I suppose could be handy for virtual orgs, friends who like to swap music, etc.

    It was supposed to be huge. I’m at a loss so far… Anyone loving this thing? If so, what are you using it for.


  • @Jim – I hear ya. I love Twitter, because of the community and messaging. I’m not sure Pownce adds anything else I’d use on a regular basis. Maybe I’m not its target user.

  • lux

    Sticking with Twitter.

  • I will sign up with pownce, befriend everyone I see around, then just probably leave it at that. Twitter beat pownce to the game, I will probably stick with it.

    I cannot handle both, it is too much.

  • I noticed ShoeMoney mentioned Pownce in his blog, I am guessing that will help bring in a number of members

  • I don’t think it’s worth all the hype. It wasn’t good as a beta — only in the beginning did it have value (the novelty of it, at least). I am much more fond of Twitter after all this time.

  • No one’s pownced on me … so I am just atwitter (not to say a twit) for the time being.

  • I’ve integrated Twitter into my life. I Use Twitter Fox, it’s set up on my mobile phone, etc.

    Until I see a reason to switch (which I haven’t) why should I?

  • They don’t exactly bring that many new aspects which could justify switching from Twitter to them so that, the way I see it, people will stll use Twitter but, why not, quite a few folks will most likely try this one on for size as well.

    Alan Johnson

  • I’ll most likely stick with Twitter – I like the features and have no complaints so why switch? In addition, I haven’t been “pownced” yet so I might not get the opportunity to switch 🙁

  • How soon til Brian writes the “75 Marketers on Pownce” article? (Or are there not 75 marketers on there???)


  • @Matt – I wondered the same thing! 😉

  • haha, I am thinking large scale now. That post really got me thinking. 🙂

  • I use pownce sometimes and twitter others. I use twitter when i’m on the road. and pownce more like a few times a week.

  • MediaMisfit

    Well first off twitter being somewhat of the first breakthrough micro-blog it’s hard for Pownce to come in when nothing is really wrong with twitter to begin with. I think that is one of the reasons Facebook was successful because MySpace, even though they had the upper hand, didn’t push the quality. Granted MySpace still owns a huge chunk it also proves that it takes a while for people to transfer over. Pownce needs something out of the box if it’s going to out-shine twitter since twitter is almost as standard as pumping gas (or petrol).