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I must admit, I’m not a big user of the OpenID platform. In case you’re not familiar, OpenID allows you to have a single login name that you can use across different web sites. I finally set mine up last week and it looks like another 250 million of you will be able to do the same, thanks to Yahoo’s decision to adopt the OpenID framework.

According to TechCrunch

The service will be available in public beta on January 30, says Yahoo, and will allow users to log in to more than 9,000 OpenId compliant websites with their Yahoo IDs. Yahoo will also be integrating their Sign-In Seal feature, meaning users can view an uploaded image before giving over credentials – the feature is widely used by financial institutions and is designed to reduce the effectiveness of phishing attempts.

Yahoo is also announcing that both Plaxo and JanRain will allow Yahoo OpenID sign-ins from January 30.

You can learn more at the Yahoo OpenID info site.

How many of you think the social web needs OpenID? It sure would be nice to have a single sign-on for every social media profile I use.

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  • Personally, I am a member of more than a few social media websites and something like this is always appreciated since it helps people save a lot of time in the long run. Even if you end up saving a couple of minutes per day it can amount to something quite impressive down the road.

    Alan Johnson

  • I’ve never really used openID other than for the sites that require it. But I can see it being some what of a benefit as more sites adopt it.

  • Outline the benefits of openid to my mail.