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Earlier this month, Jerry Yang introduced Yahoo’s pending social-mail integration as “Yahoo Life” (though the company later clarified that the product was, in fact, nameless). But it looks like they’ll make sure the name, or something like unto it, goes to good use. Valleywag reports that Yahoo will launch a new “lifecasting” service called Yahoo Live.

According to Valleywag, Yahoo posted the following announcement on their intranet, Backyard:

Yahoo! Live is social TV, where you’re the star! Create your own social broadcasting experience. Start by broadcasting yourself from your webcam, invite your friends to chat with you, they’ll go live with you, and you’re all on candid camera!

. . .

We know it’s easy to get carried away once you’re on camera, but a few things to keep in mind about Yahoo! Live –
– This is an internal alpha release (Yahoos only!) so it’s confidential.
– The service is still in development and may undergo outages, so any data saved may be lost prior to public launch.
– The service may not be accessible if you are on a wireless connection, due to security concerns. You can work around this by setting your browser to go through a proxy server.

Obviously someone broke the confidentiality. The announcement states that the product won’t be released until early next month, though it is currently open to internal testing.

What do you think? Can Yahoo give current lifecasting leaders and a run for their money? Or are they hopelessly stuck in the past?

  • Sound’s like microsoft live to me… am I missing something? Why doesn’t bill gates send some of his goons over to yahoo and get medieval times on their arse.

  • I think it could catch on with those of us that have extra time but it doesn’t seem like the next big thing. Maybe I’m not getting it but it sounds like they’ve renamed video conferencing??

  • Trust you guys to get all the inside scoop and news that is not open to the world. Sounds like a great idea. Should catch on.

  • dave

    I believe that they need to re think the way it looks and works just need a lil change. they really should look at jtv. but thats my 2 cents worth.

  • This company is addicted to launching (or buying) new products that it doesn’t have the wherewithal to support in the long term