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OK, forget what we said about 2007 being the year for mobile content. 2008 is where the mobile action is at!

Hot on the heels of Google’s Android initiative, Yahoo is announcing its own developer platform. The Yahoo! Mobile Developer Platform will provide tools for developers to code and launch mobile widgets for a wide range of cell phones. Here are the details from Yahoo:

  • The platform is an open environment for developers to create mobile Widgets for instant access by millions of consumers.
  • Widgets created on the Mobile Widget Platform will be available to consumers from various starting points, including Yahoo! Go 3.0 and Yahoo!’s new mobile homepage.
  • The platform will enable developers to write code once and publish their content across Yahoo!’s mobile network, allowing accelerated delivery of a feature-rich mobile experience.
  • The platform will enable consumers more control over their experience, as well, by providing the functionality to add and delete Widgets at any time.
  • Full-featured SDK for developers to be introduced over the coming weeks.
  • Third-party Widget launch partners include, eBay, MySpace, and MTV.

In addition to the new mobile widget platform, Yahoo is today launching Yahoo Go 3.0 beta. Along with some interface upgrades, Yahoo Go 3.0 provides an “open” environment offering Yahoo!’s full selection of Mobile Widgets developed by third parties.

The announcement will be officially made at around 11 a.m. PT at CES.