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I’m a recent convert to the benefits of social bookmarking site

Sure, as an internet marketer I’ve always had a account, but that was only to be used when trying to promote web content. 🙂 Mid-way through 2007, I actually started using the way it’s supposed to be used, and I love it!

So, I’m excited to see that Yahoo is finally tapping into the huge index of tagged web content at and testing the display of tags alongside regular search results. Here’s a screen shot courtesy of TechCrunch:

There’s no official word on whether results are influencing Yahoo’s normal search algorithm. I suspect not, but it could easily do so if it sees that users find the tags useful.

Yahoo’s had tremendous success with other user-generated search services–such as Yahoo Answers–so it seems a wise move to tackle Google’s might algorithm with the user of simple human intuition.

The big question is, how does Yahoo get searchers to switch to its search engine in the first place? While the addition of results is welcomed by Yahoo users, I’m not quite sure if that will relate into increased market share.

Regardless, if you’ve not checked out for your bookmarking needs–yes, you can mark them private–then I strongly recommend it. If you’re a FF user, get this extension and it will be even more useful!

  • How common is this at the moment? I’m still not seeing the icon on any results, some which I know have been bookmarked.

  • Joy

    Sounds’s nice to hear this new development.

  • I think Yahoo is going in the right direction as far as creating relevant search results.

  • A good decision on their part (one of the few ones lately) and, while I doubt that it will have any impressive results as far as their market share is concerned, it can definitely be considered a decent addition.

    Alan Johnson

  • Hmmm… This could make some difference. And I’m afraid it maybe can atract more spamers to DelicioUS

  • Surely this will bring more spammers to

  • I think this a great development and think that it gives consumers/searchers another way to see how good something is. I’ve heard that Google is planning on doing something similar…has anyone heard the same?

    It might explain why Digg is cleaning out some of their top “diggers”.

  • I think the only this is going to do is to increase spam. I think personal search is all about better spamming techniques. If anyone has not heard than their are sites that help you organize social friend groups – you can get as many bookmarks to your pages as you are ready to bookmark for others.

    For a topic like java.. you might have 100-200 bookmarks which looks like a tough job, but with a friend circle you can easily get 10 bookmarks for a longer term like best java book for beginner and there you go on the top with ten recommendation.

    Oh btw i have recently started feeling that searching on google is like searching on ‘google wide web’. Along with the individually owned websites you get a lot of sites that are owned/affiliated to google or use google adsense like – blogspot, youtube, ezinearticles, squidoo. This is making it easy for anyone to spam, you just need to attack those few sites and you are in the top search results. Someone should ask why only blogspot blog come up so high and not wordpress. Or why youtube vidoes get so much place in their search result over all other sites combined.

    Yahoo answers is definitely one of the best services and place to find answers but it shows up rarely in google.

    I think google technology is overshadowed by their lure for a higher stock price. Just another good company going down the sink. Looking at google today I feel Microsoft was less monopolistic and Yahoo never had the chance 😉

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