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If you were banking on Henry Blodget’s prediction that Google would soon reach $2,000 per share, you might want to re-consider that early retirement after all.

Nathan notes (and provides the chart below) that Google’s share price has tumbled since announcing a less-than-steller quarter, and the threat from Microsoft.

  • Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Google has been on top for a long time, and they still are but a decline was going to happen at some point.

  • Shame on you, Andy. How dare you point out that Google’s stock is sucking wind right now?

    You’ll be lucky if you’re not hacked to death (digitally speaking, not literally).

  • @Jeff – LOL, add this post and I expect a 0/10 PageRank shortly. 😉

  • Dean

    I maintain my offer to eat my shoe if Google ever reaches $2000/share.

    All you frothy, irrational exuberants kill me 🙂

    Gravity is a powerful thing 🙂

  • $2000/share!!

    I’ve never heard that and would have laughed when I did. That’s just too far fetched given the industry they’re in and the competition they have.

    I don’t know what kind of growth that would take but they’d have to do everything right to reach that point; they’re an incredible organization but $2000?? Maybe Henry was adjusting for future inflation based on the Fed’s many rate cuts of now and the future.

  • $2k per share seems far fetched, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the stock did reach an astronomical high like this. I would have laughed 2 years ago if somebody said it would reach $700 per share, but sure enough it did.

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