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I hope you’ve already ordered your copy of Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online. Judy Strauss and I really did work hard to ensure the book is packed full of proven advice and tactics.

To really make sure it’s a best seller, we approached a number of experts and asked them for their advice. Thanks to the following for so openly sharing their best strategies for online reputation management or writing stellar books that we pulled their advice from.

(You can see the full list, attribution, and chapter’s each person is quoted in, here)

Andrew Goodman
Andy Sernovitz
Antony Mayfield
Avinash Kaushik
Ben Baldanza
Ben Wills
Bob Parsons
Bob Pearson
Brian Gilley
Brian Solis
Catherine Seda
Chris Anderson
Chris Riche
Christopher Locke
Cindy Akus
Cliff Allen
Clive Thompson
Collin Douma
Dale Carnegie
Darren Rowse
Dave Chaffey
David Churbuck
David Daniels
David Weinberger
David Winer
Debbie Weil
Denise Stinardo
Doc Searls
Douglas J. Naquin
Dr. Dale Rogers
Dr. Leslie Gaines-Ross
Elise Bauer
Eric Paulson
Ernest Hemmingway
Fionn Downhill
Gary Wolf
Gradiva Couzin
Grahame Dowling
Greg Jarboe
Jacob Nielsen
James Surowiecki
Jason Van Orden
Jean-Pierre Garnier
Jeff Chester
Jeff Jarvis
Jennifer Grappon
Jeremiah Owyang
Jill Whlen
Jim Boykin
John Tschohl
Jonathan Rees
Jordan McCollum
Judith Kallos
Kathleen Bagley Formidoni
Lee Odden
Lionel Menchaca
Malcolm Gladwell
Matt Ambrose
Matt McGee
Matt Mullenweg
McNally and Speak
Michael Pucci
Mike Grehan
Nan Dawkins
Nathan Gilliatt
Nathan Rudyk
Neil Patel
Paul Dunay
Paul Gillin
Paul Resnick
Philip Kotler
Rand Fishkin
Rebecca Tapley
Rein, Kotler, Hamlin & Stoller
Richard Edelman
Richard Sedley
Richard Zeckhauser
Rick Levine
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Van Veen
Rob Key
Robert Scoble
Scott Burns
Seth Godin
Steve Capus
Steve Jobs
Tamar Weinberg
Todd Malicoat
Todd S. Defren
Will Critchlow

(Note: Some quotes were pulled from existing interviews)

  • I think everyone’s eyes will stop at Steve Jobs. How did you manage that?

  • This looks like an all-star roster. The Jobs reference is huge! Nicely done.

  • Jordan McCollum

    I have arrived!!

  • Yeeha. Thanks for the mention (and the mention in the book!) Andy. Good work on the reputation panel at SMX too…

  • This online reputation thing could become a nightmare! If you advertise in Yellow Pages, as many small business owners do, then you open yourself up to a can of worms. Anybody can go to your Yellow Pages add and post whatever they want, anonymously. Anybody includes your competitors . . .

  • @Dan see footnote 😉

  • Haha thanks Andy. If you had interviewed him I think a lot of reporters would be very jeleous, especially Fake Steve Jobs (Dan Lyons). 🙂

  • Andy,

    Thanks for quoting my book. Judging from the list of people above, Radically Transparent looks like a great resource. I’ll definitely check it out.

  • What a list! I feel like a kid on the way to Disney Land. Looking forward to the book arriving and checking out the E ticket rides! Great webcast with AMA in delivering your 7 Steps to a Stellar Online Reputation. (You didn’t sneeze or hack once with your cold!) You made it “doable” without being overwhelming.

  • Thanks, Andy. I guess I have to buy a case for my friends! And one for my mom.

  • @Dana – thanks, the mute button was my friend. 😉

    @Andy – don’t forget another case for future generations! 🙂

  • The list is too compelling to put off ordering it any further!

  • Can’t wait for it to arrive! Come on Amazon – it was pre-ordered months ago…

  • Andy–Looks like a great book, and I’m going to forward it around to our corporate clients and my colleagues, maybe do a quick review on my blog later. Great idea to list all the names (You might consider putting the Chapter names besides the experts, along with chapter #s–this a great promotional idea (not surprised you thought of it).
    Good luck

  • @Mark – thanks for the feedback. The link in the post goes to a spreadsheet with all the chapter numbers. 😉

  • Done. Also see my post: Books on Social Media Marketing

  • @Mark – thanks! Sometime in the Summer, I plan to list my top 10 business books in a post. Stay tuned.