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AOL Buys Goowy Widget Creator

After Yahoo got a bid from Microsoft, I wonder what will happen with AOL. Will they be next in line to be acquired? Today they were the ones acquiring. AOL has been partnering with widget making company Goowy since early last year. Now they have acquired the company. The purchase price has not been made public.

I keep wanting to say Groovy but I assume the name is really a way of spelling GUI as in “graphical user interface.” Goowy is best-known as the parent company of yourminis, a widget maker and widget search engine.

Goowy facilitated widgets for myAOL. They are based in San Diego and founded in 2004. In 2006 they got funding from blogger, billionaire, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Speaking of sports and AOL…
The consensus was that yesterday’s Super Bowl ads were a disappointment but we all have an opinion about them. AOL held their 6th annual Super Sunday Ad Poll to rate the best and the worst (watch the ads here).

The voting isn’t over, but the top 10 so far is:

1- Budweiser: “Rocky”
2- Bridgestone: “Squirrel”
3- Life Water: “Thriller”
4- “SuperAd”
5- Coca-Cola: “Balloons”
6- E-Trade: “Baby”
7- E-Trade: “Baby II”
8- Pepsi: “Justin Timberlake”
9- Doritos: “Mouse Trap”
10- Planters: “Unibrow”

I’d have to say that the most annoying ad was the Tide talking stain ad. Godaddy’s ad was banned (as usual) and the ad was basically a teaser to the real ad they wanted to show. GoDaddy, spent $1 million producing three Super Bowl ads. It cost $2.7 million for its 30-second spot, which makes up about 10 percent of its annual advertising budget.