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TechCrunch is reporting rumors–for the umpteenth time–that social network Bebo has been acquired for $1 billion. While TC’s betting on Google, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to see Yahoo as the buyer.

Yahoo desperately needs to reinvent itself–which likely means ditching its search aspirations and focusing on its huge network of users. At this time, nothing would be a better shot in the arm than to emerge as a huge social network–something it can do with an acquisition of Bebo.

It would also give current investors an alternative path to consider alongside the option of simply hosting a fire sale. It would also make any hostile takeover bid by Microsoft a lot tougher to achieve.

OK, so the odds favor a Google acquisition. But when you consider Yahoo’s desperation here, the popularity of Bebo, and the fact that Yahoo only recently signed an exclusive advertising deal with Bebo, it might be worth a little wager.

  • It will be interesting to see who bought them. Like you said, Yahoo is desperate now with Microsoft at their doorstep. I’m not a terrible fan of Orkut so it would be nice to see Google with a better social network to play with.

  • It is amazing to think that someone can sit in front of their pc, come up with what is (in hindsight!) a relatively straight forward idea….then watch that turn into $1 billion.

    Mind blowing !

  • @Steve – yeah, it drives me crazy every time I see an idea that I could have easily come up with. I feel your pain. 😉

  • The best ideas always seem obvious in hindsight.

    I’ve been advocating for a long time that Yahoo needs to do more with it’s social sites. Assuming they are indeed the purchasers of Bebo maybe it’s a step in that direction.

  • I’ve heard Bebo is dominating in the far east.

  • nOna

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  • Is this for real?? For $1 billion dollars?

    Yahoo has lost their mind… Or maybe I am just missing the boat on this whole social networking craze.

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  • Kind of remindes of the cold war with the USA and USSR. (google and ms)

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