Posted February 29, 2008 5:45 pm by with 10 comments

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Happy leapy goodness!

Get leapin!

  • LOL – I wondered what you’d come up with. Clever!

  • What, no links to unhappy women using the 29th to propose to their commitment shy loved ones?

  • Social media is not a good way to promote and build company reputation.

  • @ Mobile Guy – I think Facebook on contrary can be used to promote and build company reputation successfully. It all depends how a company uses it.

  • Leap year day threw me off yesterday. lol. I thought all morning that it was March 1st. Wow, that’s bad.

  • I think Facebook’s market share will continue to decline, but that’s more or less due to the increase in competition. Their market penetration is rising though.

  • I don’t think that social media is dying either – not yet anyway. I agree with Mike and think there’s just more competition and more choices. I think they need to think of some ways to get people to come back more often and invite more friends. Just keep adding features and see which stick.

  • Facebook just isn’t as user friendly as some of the other sites. I know it’s not intended to be as colorful as a myspace, but when you’re trying to network, and the picks and methods are cumbersome it can be a quick deterrent.

  • facebook is not as fun as it should be…too much stuff on it

  • I dont think social media is going to die either if anything it will become stronger over time at least in the near future. There are more sites on the market now and maybe that is why the decline in Facebook.