Posted February 27, 2008 4:39 pm by with 6 comments

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I’m so used to seeing Linky Goodness now that I have a little panic attack when I type it, worried that I’m usurping the Picks for the day. I can’t even remember my own link roundup’s name.

Ahem. Well, that glance into my psyche was . . . fun. On with the links, shall we?

  • I love any newsclips involving Comcast getting sued or subpena’d. Keep the good news coming! I hate my cable modem service!

  • The new Google Gadget works great for subscribed links – a tool to benefit the big guys, and put the little guys further behind.

  • I agree with Craig on the whole Comcast thing. This has really gotten me interested.

  • I’m about to switch from Comshaft to AT&T. They’ve got a new broadband package that doesn’t get bogged down quite like comcast.

  • A lot of processes can be interpreted with help of connected graph which looks like social network.

  • That google gadget tool is exceptional. Makes keeping up easy!