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Craigslist is creating a micromarket for home rentals for sports fans. With two more days until the Super Bowl, it may be too late to find a place to stay. Hotels are booked, so people are turning to Craigslist. Enterprising residents in Phoenix and Boston are putting their homes for rent during the game. This reminds me of the Sundance Film festival and the Olympics.

Wired reports that in Boston there were 700 postings on for accommodations and perks, and thousands of listings in Phoenix. Some people are offering use of their car with the deal. Or someone offered to be your designated driver in case you get too plastered to drive home. It sounded like some of the ads were fellow fans who were not only willing to help with accommodations, but also willing to join in and party with you.

Craigslist keeps gaining popularity not just for home rentals, but for all sorts of classified listings. According to comScore US Internet Year in Review noted that jumped 74 percent with 24.5 million visitors over last year. Started by Craig Newmark (one of my heros) said he “has been successful because it has built a culture of trust working with people.” There certainly is a feel of camaraderie in the ads. And yes, even trust.

Newman charges for job listings in some cities, but otherwise the site is free. He turned down putting banner ads on the site. Why? Newmark says he won’t do it because, “he already makes enough money.” That’s something unique in American culture – the idea of that it’s possible to have enough.

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  • Not only is the micromarket news cool, the report of a feel of camaraderie among those participating is even better. It’s one great example of web driven community spirit that is too often under-reported.

  • This is real social media in action! Craig’s List has created a very useful and wildly popular way for people to interact locally, nationaly, or globally! No other site has this type of reach because many people use CL daily that are not tech savvy at all. It is easier to post on CL than it is to “Google It!”

  • After reading this, “what will they think of next?” somehow seems like a natural reaction 🙂

    Alan Johnson

  • Thats a great idea. Really enterprising of the people. Helpful too. Sure a lot of people will make use of this inexpensive accommodation option.

  • Yeah I visited the craigslist postings for Super Bowl rentals and it was amazing how many people listed their homes and for how much. It seemed like hundreds of new posts appeared daily and asking prices were outrageous.

    Craigslist is becoming a powerful marketing tool and is slowly being accepted as a medium by larger businesses. A few years ago I got the feeling that people associated Craigslist with scams and in some cases I remember marketing professionals avoiding the free service like the plaque. More recently, it seems like these same people are realizing the power and reach of Craigslist and are beginning to use the service to advertise their services or products.

    I’ve always thought that free advertising is a terrible thing to waste.