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UPDATE: Here’s the winner.

My goodness, it’s been at least a couple of weeks since we had a Marketing Pilgrim prize giveaway. Let’s correct that right this minute.

Having just bought myself an iPod Touch, I can tell you that it’s a thing of beauty. I mean, just look at it!

Its the ultimate pocket gadget:

  • Internet connection via wifi
  • Full web browser
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Photos
  • Maps
  • Email
  • The list goes on!

It’s so nice, I want to give an 8GB iPod Touch away to a lucky reader and the contest is going to be dead-simple to enter.

All you have to do is subscribe to Marketing Pilgrim via either daily email updates or our RSS feed. If you love getting the latest breaking internet marketing news–and some opinion along with it–you should really consider subscribing anyway. Now you have an added incentive!

Sometime between now and March 1st, I’ll post a message at the bottom of one of our posts. This message will only be visible in the email or RSS version of the post–so you must subscribe. :-)

When you see the secret message–trust me, you won’t miss it–simply email it to contest AT marketingpilgrim DOT com. Simple huh?

One lucky entrant will be picked at random.


How would you like to upgrade that 8GB iPod Touch to a 16GB or even the HUGE 32GB version?

  • If you link to this contest via a Twitter message OR a blog post AND get picked as the winner, we’ll upgrade you to the 16GB version.
  • If you link to this contest via a Twitter message AND a blog post AND get picked as the winner, we’ll upgrade you to the 32GB version.

The contest is open to all, one entry per person, and I reserve the right to make up rules as I go along. 😉

Thanks for reading!

  • Susan Cellura

    Andy, I’ve posted on Twitter and my blog. Cheers!

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  • helmi

    i’m putting this up on my friendster blog? is that ok? i just need to write about this competition, and put in the link right?? please respond. thanks. and good luck to everyone (including myself) :)

  • Andy Beal

    @Helmi – that’s fine, thx

  • Zim

    Is this contest open worldwide?

  • Andy Beal

    @Zim – it sure is. One of our previous winners was in Australia. :-)

  • Zim

    Ok! I’m in :)

  • Andrew Miller

    I hope previous winners are eligible to win again…

    Do you look at anything other than subscriber count when reviewing results from these contests? How do you determine ROI? Any correlation between subscriber count and dollar value of the prize?

    For the record, your Feedburner chiclet is at 8,779 now. I’ll be interested to see how you do.

  • Mobile guy

    I would prefer an iPhone.

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  • Utah Wedding Photographer

    Wow. What a contest. I will definitely sign up now!
    I’m going to let me wife sign up too. She is never lucky at winning anything. LOL.

  • Andy Beal

    @Andrew – there are a number of things that I look at when running these contests. I could spill the beans, but that would take the fun out of it. 😉

    @Mobile guy – if you win, and you’ve twittered or blogged it, I’ll get you the iPhone instead – that goes for anyone else.

  • Erz

    Subscribed to your feeds and here’s my blog post:


  • Shonzilla

    Hi Andy,

    I’m happy to promote your informative blog so I’ve twittered about the contest and my Tumblr should pick it up soon. I would be even happier to nail the iPod touch or Phone. 😉

    Apart from the RSS subscription I have already, is there anything else I should do (with you blog)?


  • Cesar

    Great contest but is it only for US people? I don’t live in US. An Ipod touch is really cool but I don’t think I can win.

  • Andy Beal

    @Shonzilla – thanks, you’re all set.
    @Cesar – it’s open to all.

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  • Carolyn Wilman
  • Nate Moller

    Subscribed via email notification, posted on twitter, and plan to blog on it later at Already had subscribed for the RSS feed before.

    Will be fun to hear about how many new subscribers you get from a competition like this and what that does for the company.

    Great stuff.

  • Andrew Miller

    Currently 8,824 subscribers. Up 45 since yesterday, which is a 0.5% increase. I didn’t get a pre-contest count so the total lift is most likely higher.

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  • Andy Beal

    @Andrew – we started it yesterday, so you saw the first lift from it. :-)

  • Jay

    I subscribed via daily email updates.

    Pick me, pick me, pick me.

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  • valmg

    I subscribed by email and blogged you at
    Great contest!

  • Jake

    Great contest. Subscribed! Good luck with your subscribers. :)

  • Sandra

    I have you now at my RSS feeds, can’t wait to keep updated!! I put you in my Yahoo RSS

  • gRegor

    And twittered. Link is in the blog.
    Recursion! Sort of.

  • Dale Ng

    I have you now in my Google RSS Feed Reader. Would be nice to have an iPodTouch.

  • Relainer

    glad i found this site. time to keep track of my emails

  • BunnyMoney

    Cool contest! Hope I win. Blogged about it here


  • Bendz

    Subscribed via e-mail

  • Maggie

    What an awesome contest, here is my blog entry.

    I also wrote a message on Twitter. My username is biosci.


  • 1 Million in 365 Day

    Subscribed! Cool contest. Good luck to everyone!

  • Mary Jean

    I have subscribed via email. I would love to win this! Thanks for this contest.

  • Alexis

    I hope I win! But good luck to everyone.

  • Azam

    Subscribed for the email updates.

    Also, posted a Blog:

    And Twitter message:

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  • Contest Hub

    I have blogged about your blog contest on
    Please inform me about your further contests to let more people know about them.
    Here is the link to my blog post:

    Regards, Contest Hub.

  • danandmarsh

    Hey there, I subscribed and confirmed by email, and I also blogged of this awesome contest!

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  • James Evans

    Done! I subscribed daily email updates and RSS feeds. And blogged, at

  • James Evans

    And a twitter message also

  • Faizal

    subscribing to the feed via email, wish me luck! :)

  • Kristen

    Already have you on RSS so signed up to e-mail updates too. Twittered about the contest and my post goes up tomorrow.


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  • Shrihari

    I’ve blogged about your contest here :

  • Cecile
  • Huge Mistakes

    I’m definately in.

    This is very cool

  • SteveRosenbaum

    Still salivating over how much I want a Touch :-)

  • Suresh

    hey ,
    i have sucribed to ur email updates and i have written about this conteest in my blog too.. here is the link

    hope to win it…


  • JG Howard

    Tweet Tweet- Done
    And a blog post at

    I so want that 32gb ipod touch!

    You’re a genius, Andy

  • Mike Montague

    The touch is so sweet. Awesome contest prize!

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  • Sparky123

    Hi here’s my blog entry:

    Also subsribed via RSS/email/both can’t remember :p

    Cheers and good luck everyone!

  • betty~simply southern

    Subsribed via email and blogged about the contest ..thanks for a great contest,i’d love to win this…
    have a great week.

  • suicidalsam


    here is my blog post for this contest.
    Win an iPod Touch

    also subscribed to your blog feed via email. hope i am the lucky winner (finger’s crossed)

  • Matt


    Here is my Twitter post:

    and here is my blog post:

    Do I now qualify for the 32GB?
    Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!

  • Andy Beal

    @Matt – we’ll qualify the winner, when we pick them. 😉

  • Matt

    Ok, thanks!

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  • Matt

    So there’s no way I’ll be able to miss the message, right? It’ll be pretty obvious?

  • Andy Beal

    @Matt it should be 😉

  • Azam

    It could be any day now. I’m all eyes.

  • yingz

    am I entered into the contest?

  • Andrew Miller

    9,031 readers today. Looks like a net increase of 252 (~2.8%) subscribers over the course of the promotion. I’m not sure what the blog’s average growth rate is, but I think it’s safe to assume you grew your readership by about 2%.

    Was it worth it? On the surface, it’s hard to tell if 252 new subscribers are worth the $299 retail price of an 8GB iPod Touch. The prize could be as much as $499 if the winner blogged and Twittered a link to this post. The value of each subscriber would have to increase dramatically to provide a positive return.

    In addition to the increase in subscribers, we can also assume this post generated several hundred backlinks (843 in Y! Site Explorer today) from various blogs and Twitter. Most of them might not count for much, but there is definitely some short-term value there when viewed in aggregate.

    However, the more telling statistic could be how many of the new subscribers are still around in another week or so, after the contest is over.

    Of course, Andy has other ways to recoup his investment. If only a few of them click on one of the affiliate ads, buy his new book or sign up for this could turn into a winning proposition pretty quickly.

    Well done Andy. We can only assume that the promotions are successful based on your internal metrics because you keep running them. Either that, or you refuse to believe one of my favorite mantras, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

  • Andy Beal

    @Andrew – thanks for the analysis. Don’t forget the long-term compounded benefits from continual contests like this. 😉

    Also, looking at Feedburner, we actually hit a new high on Monday of 9,429.

  • hill_mie87

    I need the iPod Touch, real bad!

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  • Mike

    Nice competition. Although i read your blog for a long time, i’ve just found i didn’t have you on my reader till today. But i have you now :)

  • yingz

    may i know why is my comment still under moderation? something wrong?

  • Curious

    So did anyone win yet?

  • Andy Beal

    Announcement coming soon. :-)

  • jackjack

    i want to win

  • http://deleted jackjack


  • Jasmine

    I would like this i pod touch because my friend and I will enjoy having the latest things out.
    From: Cliniqe and Jasmine

  • Mary_Freebies

    Have you announced the winner yet?

  • Andy Beal
  • Shreeganesh

    I like Touch I-pod Because this is very ataractive & I like all Eletronics item. I Want I-pod

  • http://hotmail charlie chalifoux

    i love the new ipod touch i thing it better than psp apple the best brand

  • jen

    I love the Ipod touch, too bad i didnt win it. thanks for the chance though

  • viper

    i like ipod (be2ethen allah ra7 afoz)

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