Linky Goodness, February 25

Happy Monday, one and all. Not feeling it? How ’bout some great links:

Surprise, Surprise: SEO Works

MarketingSherpa today has the results from an SEO case study—4 tactics that increased traffic 58% (free until Feb 27). In the case study, they outline the tactics that helped to increase the website’s traffic.

But if you’re holding your breath for groundbreaking new techniques, go ahead and stop. The four tactics strategies:

  1. Develop new language versions of the website
  2. Create new white paper to qualify leads
  3. Boost incoming links from relevant sites
  4. Test design and placement options for links to Web forms


  1. Add more (multilingual) content
  2. Add more content
  3. Build links
  4. Test website effectiveness

Download Chapter 1 of Radically Transparent for FREE

Thanks to the fine folks at Wiley, I’m pleased to let you know that you can now download Chapter 1 of Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online.

In this first chapter, Dr. Judy Strauss and I set the stage for the importance of online reputation management–now that your customers, employees, investors, and journalists are using the internet to research your reputation.

Here are some chapter highlights:

  • JetBlue Airways Hits Bumpy Air – we look at how the company’s Valentine’s day passenger stranding turned into a reputation nightmare.
  • The Reality of a Transparent, Always-On, Wired World – we share lots of stats and studies on why people are using the internet to share thoughts on your reputation.
  • Reputation 101 – why a good reputation is important to companies and individuals.

MySpace Founder Launches

By David Snyder, which launched February 20th, is the brainchild of Myspace Founder Brad Greenspan, and the first fully interactive, global, live streaming platform. The site allows connectivity 24 hours a day, allowing users to generate content independently or with colleagues and friends. The platform also integrates features such as LiveTextChat, LiveCoHost, and LivePolls to allow unlimited feedback and user engagement.

Among’s features is the ability to create LiveTV shows, video chat, participate in virtual classes, and upload videos up to 200 MB with stereo sound. officially kicked off on the 20th with an interactive interview with Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns, called “Drive Home with Steve Nash.” Nash fielded questions from fans following the game with the Lakers, a first for an NBA player.

Call a Blogger with GrandCentral

Have you ever wanted to actually speak to a blogger who’s blog you admire? You may be in luck, because Google’s blogging platform Blogger is being integrated with their VOIP phone service, GrandCentral.

Google bought the company last July and it’s been in private beta since. However, if you want to try the service now, you can get an account without an invitation. All you need is a Blogger account.

The idea behind GrandCentral is that you get one phone number for all of your phones. You can manage it yourself online and set rules for your phones (like set it to ring on your desk phone during business hours and then switch to your cell phone afterwards). Other features include letting you check voicemail online, block numbers, and record calls (this is what I need to use my account for).

Online Advertising Growth Rate – at Least 20% a Year

Researcher The Kelsey Group has projected that online advertising will hit $147 billion by 2012. That’s worldwide advertising and it’s part of their report, “The Kelsey Group’s Annual Forecast (2007-2012): Outlook for Directional and Interactive Advertising.”

As it stands the group measures the market at $45 billion for last year (2007). That’s a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.4 percent.

“Interactive advertising, which comprises search (including local search), display advertising, classifieds and other interactive ad products, grew its share of global advertising revenues from 6.1 percent in 2006 to 7.4 percent in 2007. By 2012 Kelsey Group analysts expect the interactive share of global ad spending will reach 21 percent.”

Just focusing on the US, the group predicts that for the years 2007 to 2012, in the United States interactive advertising revenues will grow from $22.5 billion to $62.4 billion (22.6 percent CAGR).

Pilgrim’s Picks for February 25

We’re just a few days away from the leap-year edition of Pilgrim’s Picks–that’s a once in every four years occasion.

These picks are pretty lame in comparison. ;-)