Google Steals Top UK Brand Spot from BBC

Google has passed Microsoft and the BBC to become the UK’s strongest brand, according to a new report from Superbrands.

Some other interesting observations:

  • Google is the only company on the list to have started after 1990.
  • The other 49 listed companies have an average age of 90 years in business.
  • Google muscled out British favorites including the BBC, BP, British Airways, and Rolls Royce.
  • Google jumped from #5 last year, to #1 this year.
  • Apple dropped completely out of the Top 10 (#8 last year).

The list is compiled by senior business leaders and an independent survey of 1,500 professionals.

Steve Rubel Attacks SEO’s Use of Social Media – The Pot Calling the Kettle Black?

I like Steve Rubel. He’s a great PR professional and a thought-leader in social media, but he’s way off the mark with his new blog post: “SEO Shenanigans Pose a Clear and Present Danger to Social Media

If you go and read it, you’ll see hypocritical statements like this:

Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals of late seem poised to take over blogs, digg, StumbleUpon and other sites with a range of tactics, some legit, others more questionable with the intent of building Google Juice and nothing more….

…What does get me hot and bothered is when consultants and bloggers propose launching such an initiatives solely for influencing search. SEO, like word of mouth, should be a byproduct outcome, not a primary objective. Any brand that plays in this space should be aiming to create value. Do that and the other stuff will follow.

Announcing Online Reputation Monitoring Tool –

Trackur LogoI’m excited to announce the official launch of, my new online reputation monitoring tool.

In the many years I’ve consulted with businesses on online reputation management, I’ve tried many different reputation tracking solutions. While I’ve found some show promise, I’ve never quite found the perfect online monitoring tool for the job. So, after writing the industry’s most comprehensive book on online reputation management, I decided to turn my attention to building the best online reputation monitoring tool for the masses.

Trackur Screenshot

If you’re not interested in the details, then you can get started with a 14-day free trial and take it for a test drive. For those of you looking for a little more detail, I’ve answered your burning questions below.

What is Trackur?

Is Social Media Too Distracting?

Lately Twitter has become my preferred social media tool of choice. Howard Rheingold has written a thoughtful post highlighting the virtues of Twitter. He covers Openness, Immediacy, Variety, Reciprocity, Audience, Asymmetry, and multiple level of interactivity with various sources. Now I have shorted and combined a few of Howard’s reasons, but the two items that really struck a cord with me were the Immediacy and the Reciprocity. I think these are the reasons why Twitter has become my social medium of choice.

I interact with such a wide variety of people that regardless of the time of day or subject matter, someone is always around with an answer, opinion, or just thoughtful commentary and I believe that is what makes Twitter so immensely satisfying as a tool for communication. Why do you like Twitter so much or do you?

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Alan’s Angle – Is Yahoo! Entertaining You?

By Alan Johnson

I’ll be the first one to admit that things have definitely been interesting the last couple of weeks, with Yahoo! obviously in the spotlight: Microsoft’s bid, Yahoo’s letter to their shareholders, all of the merger scenarios and Microsoft’s unwillingness to raise their bid.

If I were to describe these events using just one word, it would have to be “entertaining”. Aside from the way things have unfolded, I personally find people’s reaction to be even more entertaining. Under such circumstances, it’s refreshing to observe how Google haters are trying to make this seem like the beginning of the end for them, how they live in denial and think that somehow, a competitor will put an end to their reign and make the Web a better place.

Obama Steps Up Online Advertising on Campaign

Barack Obama set a record in January by raising the highest amount of any candidate in a primary race. Online advertising may have contributed to his astonishing success. He raised $36.8 million last month compared to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s $19.7 million. Obama beat his staff’s projections of $32 million.

Unfortunately the reports I read don’t break down how the funds came through except to distinguish between individual and corporate donations. However, there is some data about candidate’s focus on raising money through display advertising.

Since January 2007, presidential candidates launched 277 million display ad impressions. And like in the primaries, Obama has taken the lead here. According to research by Nielsen Online AdRelevance, Barack Obama ran over 70 million display ads in January. Contrast that with John McCain’s 19 million display ad views.