Pilgrim’s Picks for February 15

I know we were light on Picks yesterday, so today we’ll make it up to you.

  • http://www.thequickbuck.com TheQuickBuck

    It does seem like ValleyWag has been posting completely incorrect information quite a bit recently. Are they just slow in the gossip department, or do they just skip the research stage of each update?

  • http://blog.funadvice.com Dara

    I think they just jump on gossip without researching at ValleyWag. The last couple of posts have been widely inaccurate.

  • http://www.simplyfreeiphone.co.uk Steve Elliott

    Google and Yahoo aren’t doing enough to protect children from adult content?

    How about “parents who leave their children unattended without nanny software aren’t doing enough to protect…..”

    We are probably over protective (well, our 14 year old keeps telling us we are) but it is our responsibility to ensure she is safe. It is hard to find a safe nanny program that doesn’t restrict general usage but NIS 2007 works for us.

  • http://chasinggoogle.blogspot.com Mobile guy

    Way to go Yahoo!

  • http://symbiancorner.blogspot.com Symbian

    Adult content providers really hurt by raising of “home video” sites.