Posted February 18, 2008 9:55 am by with 2 comments

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Today I get to fly to England for the third time in 6 weeks! It’s a grueling overnight flight, but worth it as I’ll get to see family and join some talented search marketers for SES London.

Before I pack my bags and head on out–don’t worry, I’ll still blog this week–here are some picks that caught my eye today.

  • I’m a little leery of determining the success of a business based on a prediction tool. Personally, I believe the success of any business is based on things that can’t be foreseen such as ambition, vision and constantly changing market factors.

    I highly doubt the prediction tool can tell an investor that the start-up’s founders are going to work hard and see needs that they can meet.

    That said, the concept is definitely interesting and does take into account some variables such as networks that can proof valuable in any decision.

  • I never heard about Yahoo buzz before but I am really interested with it. With Digg you can generate many visitors and I hope Yahoo buzz will do the same.