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As you know, I’m currently in Santa Clara getting ready to speak at Danny Sullivan’s SMX West. While I’m busy being busy, I’ll leave you with these items that caught my eye.

Don’t worry, our other fabulous writers will be along later to fill in the blanks. 🙂

  • AOL’s CEO thinks a merger between Microsoft and Yahoo is a big mistake. Kind of insulting to be told what to do by a company that can’t get it right themselves, don’t ya think?
  • Google’s stock tanked yesterday, but did it drop for legitimate reasons? Many analysts are now weighing in and suggesting GOOG is a now a bargain!
  • Local company review site Yelp has raised $15 million in a 4th round of VC. 4th round? Shouldn’t it be able to stand on its own two feet by now?
  • Seeking Alpha brings us an interesting conspiracy theory. Microsoft Live Search is screening out web sites that display Google or Yahoo ads.
  • Gigablast is proud to announce that 55% of web users find its results “as good as or better than Google.” Which could mean that for every page that loads, 45% of the results are worse than Google’s–something to work on.
  • Eurekster is today releasing a new version of its site search service Swicki.
  • Watch some great videos from the 10th anniversary of “The Cluetrain Manifesto.”
  • Cracking up about your comment of “45% are worse than googles”. It reminds me of Odeon cologne from the movie anchorman. “20% of the time, it works everytime!” lol.

  • In this month’s PC Magazine is a nice article titled “Solutions: Say Goodbye to AOL.”

  • Nice work with the “Anchorman” reference!

    Google is a worthy competitor. After all, they dominate the search market, and they generally have excellent search results. For Gigablast to win over a majority of surveyed users in a blind “taste test,” even if it’s a slim majority, is not an insignificant feat.

    And, don’t forget that we beat’s search results, straight up, by a 30% margin.

    Combined with our intuitive Freshness Dating feature for web search (which Google does not have) and our industry-leading privacy policy among the major search engines, Gigablast is a great alternative for users looking for something different—and yes, in some cases better—than Google.

    Marcus Ruark
    Gigablast, Inc.

  • But share holders already has brought a suit against Yahoo managers.

  • How’s the weather out there? It’s freezing cold here in the midwest!