Posted February 29, 2008 9:35 am by with 6 comments

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This is a very special "collector’s" edition of Pilgrim’s Picks–why? Today is February 29th which, as you know, comes around as often as a London bus–once every four years.

While single men stay holed-up in their apartments in fear, the rest of us are free to enjoy these picks.

  • I totally forgot is was a leap year this year. Where the heck have I been?

    Anyway, interesting numbers from New York Times…I think newspapers as we know them will cease to exist in 15 years. NYT better get on top of their website in a hurry.

  • Will check new MyBlogLog features.

  • MyBlogLog…hmm. Seems everything Yahoo touches these days turns to dust!

    It’s not only the NYT that has seen low ad revenue, many other newspapers are losing ad money. They’re going the way of the Yellow Pages!

  • Oh, cool. I have to check out new MyBlogLog features!

  • PS3

    Will Adwords go as far as allowing us to use everday terms like “iPod” one day. I can see that Apple want to protect their brand but it can make some targetted campaigns a nightmare!

  • Yeah I wonder about the newspapers and how they’re going to continue to grow in the future. They’ll always have their “loyal readers” from the past but as we move forward, say 15 years as Steve suggested, I can’t see newspapers continuing to hold onto advertisers. It’s just so much easier to track what really works – especially since advertisers carry the same messages online that they do in the newspapers.