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I found this Google Maps mashup called Fundrace 2008 on Huffington Post that lets me spy on my neighbors and see what they’ve donated to political campaigns. You can search by company and by name. After I finished searching for my relatives and famous people I started searching by company.

Remember, this isn’t complete but people who’ve identified themselves as employees of one of these companies that happen to be in the news a lot today. Overall, they are heavily skewed towards the Democrats (just like the media, right? The numbers on this tool show that to be true: of those who identify themselves as journalists gave $8,660 to Republicans compared to $101,543 to Democrats).

It looks like Yahoo employees aren’t in the giving mood lately, which is understandable.

Here are the donations of Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft employees (as reported):

Yahoo: $0 to Republicans $14,174 to Democrats

Google: $38,692 to Republicans $141,963 to Democrats

Microsoft: $69,093 to Republicans $166,420 to Democrats

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  • Zen

    Nice find! That’s what I call research 😉

  • Are you really a spy?

  • I’m a little surprised that all three gave more money to the democrats. I would have thought Microsoft would lean to the republican side. Unless of course the expectation is the democrats will win and the donations are more about gaining favors later.

  • That’s a good find – could be a nice indication of which party will win. I’d doubt people are going to donate to something and vote for something else.

  • Republicans discredited itself by politics Bush