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bebo logoTechCrunch speculates that there’s a 51% chance that Google might buy Bebo—or maybe MySpace will snap up the smaller social networking company. Last year, it was Yahoo that was supposed to be making a $1B offer on Bebo. This year’s guesses are similar—$1B to $1.5B.

TechCrunch explains that the move would almost double Google’s social networking audience, with Orkut’s millions of members worldwide plus Bebo’s non-US English-speaking market. Erick Schonfeld also notes that MySpace could assure its worldwide dominance by buying the #1 social network in several English-speaking countries.

Bebo has an exclusive partnership with Yahoo for display and video advertising. They initially signed on to Google’s OpenSocial, but soon also accepted Facebook’s platform as well.

  • Google already has Orkut, why would they need another one?

  • What on earth would a company do with two social networking companies? Combine them? Whoops… Orkut is sinking, everyone climb aboard Bebo.

  • Orkut is nowhere in most of the biggest social networking markets (in terms of %age of the population regualtly using such services). Buying Bebo gives them instant access to new markets.

  • I agree that even though Google already owns the social networking company, Orkut, acquiring another one can only help them. If it allows them to more than double their share of the social networking market, considering how fast the popularity of social networking sites are growing, I believe it is a good move by Google.

  • Is that their retaliation against a possible Y!/Microsoft deal? lol

  • Hmmm… Google seems to like social networks that are primarily foreign people… probably because the US social networks are a dime a dozen. I’ve never even checked out Bebo, so I can’t speculate much on this one.

  • Now that I think about it, this will help them push open social, social graph and other innovations designed to combine social networks. Ultimately, I think that’s the big picture that they’ve got in mind.

    Once they have that, Google will create an open ground so they can beat everyone at the social networking game. It’s their typical strategy.

  • Lots of takeovers/mergers in the pipeline it would seems. Wonder what will actually happen though.

  • What for google 2 social networks?

  • Google is not doing that, every month some rumor with Bebo pops up. May be Bebo is searching buyer, unofficially making up these rumors. Google already has Orkut, DodgeBall etc. and could not make them profitable business.

  • what google will do with social network website….google is taking up lots of websites now a day..i also hear that google also making offer to take up it true ????

  • PI

    I agree that it is a good move, but is that price range realistic? It seems high, based on Bebo’s footprint on the social network “scene”.


  • I know people are weary of the length of Google’s arm, and the depth of their control over various markets… but you gotta hand it to them – they just do things right.