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I am relatively new to Twitter. I have only been using it for a short while and I find it an excellent tool for stream of consciousness thinking and quick communication to online communities that I interact with on a regular basis.

With that said I also must say that the recent reliability issues have made me question whether or not it is a long term tool I want to continue using, still I believe I will wait a bit longer before making my final judgment.

Kevin Dugan has recently posted what I think are some quality Twitter tips and provided some excellent resources to keep on top of all the newest Twitter applications. Kevin’s post covers the following topics:

Be a Good Twitter Citizen
Send Direct Messages Faster
Twitter Karma
Gauge Topic Traction
Visualize, Data Mine
Fun with Twitter
What Does Twitter Look Like?
Save the World
Know the News. First
Take Twitter with You
Twitter by the Ton

While there is a lot more that Twitter can do, I think this is an excellent compellation, especially for new Twitter users, on some of the potential options Twitter provides.

Also as a reminder built an extremely large list of Internet Marketers who are on Twitter. If you are interested in joining the conversation please feel free to do so.

  • I can’t seem to stay current with Twitter. Perhaps because it doesn’t have a lot of features, not real interactive. In any event, that’s an informative post by Kevin – thanks for posting it up.

  • I disagree with the first comment, twitter is a “what you make it” social network. You have to be interactive with the twitter community and others will communicate online with you. I recommenend using to find tweets that interest you. Before you know it, not only will you interact with the twitter community but you will establish offline relationships too.

  • @Wayne Tweetscan is one of the many items Kevin covers in his article.

  • Twitter is something I could never get myself to try. Seems like its much more than just displaying your status tot he world. Will read the article in detail.

  • Hey Roderick,

    I’ve ironically got a guest post today on BuzzNetworker about this very topic. Hope you have time to check it out. Twitter has some interesting applications for businesses.

  • John

    Twitter….How stupid, i first thought, but as more people use it for more then mindless me talk.. you start to see the real value in it (San Diego fire dept used it during summer fires)!

    My friend pointed me to what he said is the next thing in that same vein of Twitter. I forget what its called something about social alarm clock or something? Yeah HA I want my alarm clock to be used a communication tool?

  • I’ve never considered Twitter, but I’m curious to check it out after reading this.

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  • I believe with twitter we will get fresh traffics everyday.

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