Posted February 27, 2008 4:15 pm by with 6 comments

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Yahoo has been making announcements left and right this week, from Yahoo Buzz to opening its search results. They’re continuing their news-dominating sweep this week with an announcement about a new online advertising platform, called the Advertising Publishers EXchange, or Apex.

Don’t worry, Yahoo isn’t aiming too high or anything. Yahoo President Sue Decker told the IAB that they’re only “trying to revolutionize the online advertising industry.” Oh good. It’s not like Ms. Decker has never said anything unfortunate before.

Decker describes the exchange:

We are building a cutting edge ad platform that runs across all formats, whether it is search, display, video. It is capable of harnessing the power of Yahoo and the power off Yahoo. But it will also take advantage of emerging formats like mobile, all in an easy to use system.

The New York Times rightly points out that this is likely an outgrowth of Yahoo’s acquisition of Right Media last year, and will put them in direct competition with Microsoft’s aQuantive and Google’s DoubleClick (pending EU approval of the merger, of course).

This week’s announcement, however, is not a launch. Apex is apparently in development and will “involve many releases over several years.” Yahoo aims to consolidate many of its purchases in the online advertising arena and streamline online advertising for advertisers and publishers.

Oh, Yahoo. Why do I not really believe that this will happen the way you say it will? Sad.


  • Sounds like Sue Decker is keeping it real. I hate execs who overpromise! I’m going to check the service out.

  • It can’t hurt to check it out, it’s not like anyone is forced to use it.

  • Quite interesting the timing of all of these newsworthy announcements coming shortly after Microsoft’s offer. Trying to up their value perhaps? Either way, like Craig and Futon-Matt stated, it’ll be interesting to see how the service pans out. Yahoo! has to keep fighting to stay alive so we’ll see if their efforts to do so pay off.

  • I’m not sure if this is going to work out well with Yahoo. Although it’s a commendable effort to launch Apex, since it will inevitably face direct competition from Google’s DoubleClick and Microsoft’s aQuantive, I think that the probability of this really taking off is very low.

  • I think Yahoo felt the pressure of MSFT and Google and decided to give this a qualified effort. DoubleClick will be its biggest roadblock.

  • Seriously, what she says does not seem to inspire much confidence. I wonder what it will turn into by launch time.