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Jerry Yang sent out a company-wide letter to Yahoo employees today. But don’t worry, unlike lots of internal information over there, this letter wasn’t leaked. As Search Engine Land reports, the letter was filed with the SEC (in compliance with law).

The letter, addressed to “yahoos,” is a status report that appears to be aimed at reassuring employees that they are looking carefully at the alternatives.

Yang acknowledges that Yahoo needs to do what’s best for the company and its shareholders—and says they’re still contemplating Microsoft’s bid:

no decisions have been made about microsoft’s proposal. our board is thoughtfully evaluating a wide range of potential strategic alternatives in what is a complex and evolving landscape. and we’ve hired top advisors to assist through the process.

what’s become clear in the past few days is how much people care about this company. we’ve seen a strong show of support from our users, advertisers, and publishers, reminding us how much they love our products and services. and i’ve heard from many of you — and from other friends and colleagues from around silicon valley and across the globe — that we need to do what’s best for yahoo! and our shareholders. i promise you that the board is going to do that.

the microsoft interest highlights the tremendous strength of the yahoo! brand and assets: our half billion users around the world, our leading products and services, our open ad network, our technology, and most of all, our amazingly talented people.

The letter goes on to extol Yahoo’s current and future projects. The tone there does make it seem as though Yahoo is fully capable of continuing on its own without accepting the bid, but Yang certainly isn’t shutting out the possibility.

But how long will Microsoft give them to think?

  • It’s kind of funny. Yahoo appears to be doing everything it can to keep the deal from happening and remain an independent company, while Microsoft is proceeding as if it’s already happened.

  • I’m not sure how long Microsoft will let them think; do they have a choice? It seems like Microsoft’s main motivation is the brand name and there’s no other search engine with such a strong brand name.

    It’s nice to see that Yahoo isn’t just jumping into the deal and that they could hold off on their own.

  • Zen

    I think they’ll sell.

  • I didn’t think they’d hold out this long. But it appears that Yahoo believes that it can survive on its own. We’ll see how it pans out.