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As we reported earlier, Yahoo today started laying off many of the 1,000 employees it plans to let go. I’ve started hearing from those that have been given pink slips, but the most intriguing is that Salim Ismail is out the door.

Ismail led Yahoo’s Brickhouse group–responsible for developing new products for the company–and he decided to take a voluntary package.

Two questions arise:

  1. What does this say about Yahoo’s future, when the guy who heads-up the company’s sexiest division, jumps ship?
  2. What does this say about Yahoo’s future new products, when the guy who heads-up their development jumps ship?

UPDATE: Over at his personal blog, Ismail has confirmed his departure. It appears he has plans for two new start-ups.

  • I thought that the refusal of the latest Mircosoft offer was great news for Yahoo! but the more I read about the layoffs make me think that a deal will be finalised sooner rather than later.

  • I read that Jerry Yang has “a secret plan” to save Yahoo! It’s not that big a secret, really, since the article detailed it fairly well, and stated that it included revisiting the main page, unifying the various user profiles area scattered across Yahoo! properties into a cohesive whole, opening the platform to third-party development, and “Facebook-izing” Yahoo!Mail.

    Sometimes when the CEO decides to step in and take over direct control of a company’s heart-and-soul division, it’s a sign that they finally “get it” and are staking the future of the company on new products and services.

    And sometimes it just means that they’ve played their last hand and the captain is posturing as he or she goes down with the ship.

    I’d like to think in this case it’s the former.

  • Latest Yahoo!’s releases has failed, this could lead to Ismail’s dismissal.

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