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It’s a day of new releases for Yahoo! As part of Search Marketing Expo West (SMX) in Santa Clara, CA they’ve announced some new initiatives to try to build some buzz for the company.

No doubt it’s been a rough go at Yahoo lately and good news is needed. Other stories coming from Yahoo seem more buzz-worthy, but here’s a preview of one new development from Yahoo.

Yahoo Buzz
Yahoo Buzz is the Yahoo version of Digg and other social voting sites. Not a lot new here except they’ll aggregate stories from 100 publishers. You can promote the buzzed stories to Digg and other sites like Facebook, Reddit and Stumbleupon. Oh, and it has a page rank of 6.

Yahoo Buzz isn’t just for stories you can submit video or pictures too. They consider what gets the most votes along with search popularity to come up with a Buzz Score, so it’s not strictly voting, which is good. Because we know that voting alone means spamming. Plus I don’t think you have to login to vote.

Top stories get promoted to the Yahoo home page. Yahoo’s home page has been their saving grace – increasing 20% year over year.

I do like this feature – a list of the most popular searches that are updated hourly. Barack Obama is #1 right now. You can get related articles or search results. I noticed content from, The Huffington Post, along with blog posts from unknowns.

This is part of a larger strategy around content and Yahoo’s plan to share revenue made on the content with publishers. Yahoo News is the biggest news destination on the web and Yahoo is king of the display ad. So this attempt to leverage both while not that exciting, could be profitable. Yahoo Buzz is in beta.

  • I think already does what yahoo buzz will do. they rank news stories based on authority. They monitor the clicks thru a redirection script and probably it affects the ranking of the story or gets it promoted to front page. The only thing it doesnt do is use some Buzz word. Pun intended.

  • I wonder what impact this has on the threatened takeover by Microsoft.

  • I sure hope Yahoo accepts Googles offer to aquire the web company. I own stock in Google and I think its basically hit the roof. I need something to make it move again.

  • Al, I think you meant microsoft in your post. Google could never buy Yahoo.

  • I was expecting that this would happen…

    Many social bookmarking sites have been targeting the market for search engines..

    And I’m quite sure Yahoo would not let that social bookmarking grab their market easily.

    This was a great move for YahoO!

  • True enough Richard! Google has taken the first move in acquiring i do believe it made them ahead of yahoo because of that..

    I do believe yahoo would still be effective on their new campaign because yahoo still is one the number 1 website..

    Even though there are many established websites for social bookmarking, i think many people still value loyalty to yahoo!

  • I think the voting system can be taken advantage of, maybe Digg and SU can learn something from yahoo.

  • This service doesn’t allow to add your stories so it won’t attract a lot of people.

  • I think mobile guy is right. You need to be able to add stories for it to catch on.

  • Yahoo buzz is not accepting publishers, once they do im sure (or atleast hope so) anyone can become a publisher and submit stories…

  • Yahoo Buzz can’t be a competitor to DIGG, because not everybody can add content! That’s it.

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